Any reviews on the Spinergy Carbon XL Xaero Lites ???

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by Kegelhoff

On Spinergy's web site they have info but no photos of this wheel that has been out for about 11 months ???

Anyone have any first hand experience with this wheelset ?? Seems ODD that I cant find much info on these.

Here is the description of the new lighter weight wheels:

PBO Powered XAERO Xtra Lites! (June 16, 2011)
Lighten up your ride with Spinergy’s all new PBO Powered XAERO Xtra Lites!
At 1050 grams for tubulars and 1299 for clinchers, the all new full carbon designed Xaero Xtra Lite will help you stand out from the competition and take you one step closer to the top of the podium. Xtra’s feature Spinergy’s exclusive patented PBO Power spokes providing unsurpassed ride performance and quality.

Each PBO Power spoke is encased in a chemical resistant, water / UV proof composite containing over 30,000 strands of polyphenylene bensobisoxazole fiber. This delivers 3-times the strength of stainless steel at just half the weight resulting in less rotational weight and a faster responding wheel. PBO Power spokes are flexible with incredible strength that will absorb impact more efficiently while staying in true.

Spinergy’s Xtra Lite’s come with Spinergy own aerodynamic lightweight CNC machined hubs with ceramic bearings included, USA made aerospace grade axels, ergonomic quick releases and rim tape. Topping off this watt enhancing package are optional spoke color choices available in white, blue, black, orange, yellow, green, red or pink.

Retail price $2499.99 Call 760-496-2121 to order now or for more information on the entire Spinergy product  line.

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by TheRedMantra

Spinergy is terrible about their website and they're not terrific with emails. Give them a call and ask them to send you pictures, they will. As for reviews, I cannot help, sorry.

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