Drilling holes for a steel frame?

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by craciunptr

prendrefeu wrote:Does it whistle when you ride?

yes it does sometimes with the crosswinds its kinda nice :))

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by cmdr199212

prendrefeu wrote:Does it whistle when you ride?
...and I thought it was one of those gosh-durn musical bicycles!

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by wath

Thanks guys for all the responses, looks like I won't be drilling anytime soon. :(

The frame is actually a size small for me. The setup looks really odd (forward facing seatpost) because I don't like the feel of a regular roadbike geometry. Most of my rides are less than an hour and a half so I enjoy the added aerodynamics of the time trialing geomoetry much better than road bike geometry comfort. You wouldn't know by looking at it, but the first is actually almost perfect for me. :D

And I am in the market for a new bike, I'm just taking my time to get exactly what I want at a price I want. The Bianchi will probably end up being downgraded and allotted to the girl friend. :mrgreen:

nspace wrote:Frame definitely looks the wrong size. I wouldn't just drill holes. Get a builder to drill them and braze on a lug for routing the cables internally. I had this done to one of my frames. Of course, you are going to want to repaint anytime you do something like this.

How much did it cost to have that done? It probably wouldn't be worth it on this old frame, even with as much sentimental value as it may have to me, but it would be good to know for future reference.

foofighter wrote:Running without a rear brake would be smarter than drilling holes in the frame to conceal it.

I ran it without a rear brake for a while while I was waiting on cabling to come in the mail, I didn't like the feel. I ride fast and in traffic so missing a brake isn't on the option list, unfortunately. :|

craciunptr wrote:here guys i've ben doing that for a while . been riding the frame for a year now nothing happened to it yet

here you go hope this helps you make up your mind :) i had the same problem everybody is against it for me it works well :) and yes i'have jumped curbs and potholes with it still sturdy as an bridge

Weight reduction gone mad? :shock: How thick is that tubing, though?

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by craciunptr

:)) not really is just that i wanted to put L.E.D in the tubes and light them at night :)) it is a pretty entry level frame i think is the same one as the peugeot HLE tubing only branded kTM

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