Sidi genius 5 vs. specialized expert or Bont varpor

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by project3

I'm stuck with these 3 options of road shoes and maybe I can get some enlightenment from pro riders here.

FYI sidi genius sole in Corbon composite, that is my only drawback but comes with replaceable parts like the rear grip etc.

Specialized EXpert so far the perfect one till the LBS suggested me to the the special inner footbed and end up the price same as Bont varpor. Expert is the only option here with air vent no replaceable parts.

Varpor is the most expensive among these.

I'm looking for a carbon sole and with buckle. Please advise and thanks.

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by luckypuncheur

If you like the "Bont-Feeling", they're the way to go regarding stiffness, weight, looks and adjustability. BUT: Try them on first.

In case not, I'd pick the Sidis as my feet are not compatible with Spesh shoes.

Nevertheless, all three are decent shoes.
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by Liggero

I'd go for bont if you can try them first, then sidi. I´m not very specialized firendly in general and i don't like how they look, but if you like them. I would go for a sidi's with carbon sole and speedplay pedals. perfect combo.
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by SolidSnake03

This is another vote for either Bont or Sidi over Specialized.

For me Specialized's built in wedge causes my toe's to get crunched up on the outside of my foot causing quite a bit of discomfort, basically the wedge is putting pressure on the outside of my foot which feels terrible. When I switch to ANY shoe but Specialized with the same eSoles the pain is magically gone.

Anyhow, in terms of durability Sidi no question however lightness and pure power transfer go Bont if the fit is good. One thing about the Bont's though, make sure the ankle cut is fine with your foot/ankle. I tried some Bonts before and like some running shoe brands the ankle cut digs in funny, this is exponentially more painful on the Bont's due to the stiffness of the shoe around the ankle.
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