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by trustbran

bmwe30is wrote:Hi Brandon!

I stumbled upon this thread and your excellent P1 build!

What a gorgeous build! I'm actually wanting to do the same with my P1 that's configured for TT riding right now.

What stem and drops did you use? Any other "modifications" necessary or was it straight forward re-cabling with the brifters and new bars?



Hi Jon, thanks for the compliments! I have since moved to Norcal but if I remember, it was a 90mm Control Tech stem and 40cm FSA bars. No mods needed and change over is easy and straight forward. I miss that bike, got tons of compliments both from the tri-athletes & roadies.

Thanks everyone else for the comments! The bike rode great but was just difficult to get the weight down without breaking the bank.


by Weenie

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by danenduro

I am a brand new member here and just getting back into riding with a $1000 budget, I found a like new cervelo p1 for $1000. I need a road bike but am considering a p1 to road conversion. A friend of mine has bars with 105 equipment he will give me. So I probably can do it for $1100 or should I shop for a road bike with $1000 -$1100.
My concern is the geometry of the bike and it that it will not be as comfortable as a road bike. I love the looks of this bike and would love to convert the p1. please help.

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