is there a thread of lightest 29er bikes members have built

Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by backflat

hardtail and full suspension versions

just want to see what people have put together.

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by nicemonkey

Here is a link to my titanium 29er that I have just finished.

by Weenie

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by backflat

what is the lightest 29er people have been able to build up ?

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by michel2

me mate has a super light sworks..i tell him you asked for him (-:

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

Nino just build a really nice Scott Scale 29er - weight is 7,38 kg :-)

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by backflat

pix :shock:

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by Ottoturbo

6.7kg with 2x10 and front suspension. ... -flash-29/

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by Ninko

Thanks for the tip Michel2!
But here is my bike. It's at 7,48kg (16.5lbs) right now. I am lying a bit, because that's without numberplate and race chip on it... :) So it's just above 7,5 in racetrim I think :)

It's an 2011 S-works 29-er 19". Which is done from all the paint and then Pinstriped and added some leafgold. And a clearcoat offcourse. Also the shift cables went inside the frame, done by New clamps at the downside of the toptube for just the rear brake, shift cables are inside the downtube. Total work on the frame saved me 180 grams.
I'm looking for some ways to enlighten it up a bit more, but have no idea how to do it.
Thinking about adding some lighter discs (scrub?), and I am looking for a lighter post, but want something solid. I'm just 67 kg's but hate breaking posts, which I had once before. So I am afraid of the Yoke versions like KCNC, Schmolke, Tune, with the small cradles, the m5 bolts and the yokes on top of the saddle rail.
If you have any ideas let me know!
Ride First!!

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by WB

Ninko, which chainring is that on your S-Works?

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by legsrburnin

My Flash 29er is 8kg flat. Not sure if that counts as light here anymore?!

I'm 80kg and it reliable to ride or race anytime. Dropping weight soon!

I'll add pics when I get a chance.
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by backflat

more pix please ....

by Weenie

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by 02GF74


the following cheap items will save a couple more grammes.

- use aluminium or carbon fibre washers for brake calliper
- use tapereed head Ti bolts for brake adapter
- use aluminium washers instead of copper hose sealing washers
- aluminium alloy brake pad bolts
- aluminium alloy SRAM shifter lever bolts
- KCNC Razor discs (note they are less effective than the Hopes you have fitted)
- 140 mm rear disc?

re: lightweight seat post (googling shows the seatpost on yours is 27.2 mm), take a peak on ebay at the Merek Carbon Seatpost:
Material: Full 3K Carbon
Diameter: 27.2mm
Length: 350mm
Off Set : 30mm
Model : 2 bolt
Weight: 170G ±10g

Not sure how that compares weight wise with the Thompson you have fitted or if it will be long enough. :noidea:

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