Headset with the smallest stackhight

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by Alreadyhadone

I'm looking for the above...

I currently found the ''Stronglight Light'In St Headset Drop In Campa'' with a stack height of 7mm.

Are there any lower?

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by theremery

Extralite scalhead is pretty shallow...........
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by 2011

The lowest would be to get a "Slam That Stem" top race, which is perfectly flat.

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by Estelja

BMX integrated headsets use the Campy 45/45 standard and have very low top caps. This one from Stolen Bike Co. appears to be around 3mm. Low $ too.

http://www.danscomp.com/products-PARTS- ... dset.html#

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by gumgardner

The cane creek aer is very low.

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by headwind816

2011 wrote:The lowest would be to get a "Slam That Stem" top race, which is perfectly flat.

Actually, it is 1.8mm as communicated through an e-mail exchange prior to placing my order this morning ... going on the NEO Hyper :thumbup:

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by WasFab

2011 wrote:The lowest would be to get a "Slam That Stem" top race, which is perfectly flat.

anyone know if the "slam that stem" dust cover will fit on Wilier Cento Uno which originally comes with Ritchey Carbon drop in headset which is relatively very high stack. Here it is http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=62142&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Shopping&utm_name=UnitedKingdom
I'm planing to leave the headset and just to replace the Ritchey dust cover with the slam that stem one. Maybe I'll need to put a micro spacer between the top head tube and the slam that stem cover. But anyone tried this set up or knows if it's going to fit?
Here a picture I added from my current set up

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