I want white bar tape, which should I buy?

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by Lou3000

Fizik Microtex if you are racing. I find the stuff uncomfortable, but on my race bike it stays clean, and is impervious to damage.

For all other applications, Lizard Skins 1.8. I would recommend 2.5 for the extra plushness, but it has the Lizard Skins logo all over it, and that sucks.

Though right now I'm sporting some cheap Arundel Gecko that I bought in a pinch. A bit of a pain to wrap, but decent enough.

All white, obviously.

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by kgt


by Weenie

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by sugarkane

VTBike wrote:Fizik microtex.

The only tape that you can keep white.

The DPS tape feels great but.. Forget about keeping it white

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by Sjoerd

Another vote for Fizik. It goes for their saddles as well, they stay white and are easy to clean.

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by bones

I have always used Cinelli Cork tape, but ready also to try something new.

I want something thin, well... at least thinner than cork tape which is kinda thick.

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by Guerdi

Fizik microtex. Stay white for a long, long time and feels really good. The "gloss" is nice, but hard to install.

Had Lizard Skins this spring, but I did not like to feel at all - it made me feel I had some kind of grease on my handlebar. And it was a nightmare to clean.

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Fizik in anything but 'soft touch'. That shit gets dirty if you just think about dirt. All the rest of the white stuff stays white forever. Made of the same material they make their saddle covers and shoes out of.

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by carbon2329

VTBike wrote:Fizik microtex.

It is all I use now. (not the soft touch stuff that is like cork, that gets dirty just looking at it)

But the microtex (sort of like leather, sort of) is great. It cleans very well and will last at least 1 season if not 2, at least. (without accident, of course).
That has been my experince.

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by Briscoelab

Fizik white. Easy to clean and durable.

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by kbbpll

Ha, people buy white bartape and want to keep it white. Blow your snot on it and ride.

I'm on a roll here tonight.

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I have found the Deda Mistral tape to share advantages with the Fizik Microtex: looks and feels similar and equally easy to keep clean.

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by rbrtwyn

Pro Digital Carbon

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by boots2000

I have found that Cinelli Gel cork stays white better than anything.
In fact, I run it on my winter bike.
It is on the thick side though.
Lizard skins get dirt in all the grooves of the design, Specialized Roubaix gets dirty and stays dirty after 1st ride.

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by natiedean24

Fizik does indeed stay white.

by Weenie

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by boysa

Handlebra. End of story.
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