Campag & Fulcrum CX Wheels

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by dereksmalls

Does anyone ride these? I've been told I can't buy them in New Zealand for whatever reason from my LBS, but I can get them from overseas pretty reasonable price and shipping. So does anyone have any expereince? I don't care that they aren't WW hoops but more concerned will they stand up to the task of racing CX here plus MTB single track stuff.

Obviously I'm talking about the Campag Vento, Sirocco and Khamsin and the Fulcrum 7 & 5 CX wheels.

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by ticou

I'm riding a normal rear Scirocco at the moment and the bearings are fab. The CX is for cyclocross they say, or winter use in other words. I'm thinking of getting the CX myself for the hail n' rain.

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by ldamelio

I've run a set of regular Ventos for 4 full cross seasons (about 60 races) plus training - these predated the CX versions. Never a problem (broke one spoke when derailleur hanger trashed and thrown into wheel - replaced next day without problem). they're still going strong on this bike which serves as a pit/snow and slush bike for me now. I would have no qualms recommending them for durability and smoothness.

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