tasting lactic acid???

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by mjduct

so I did 2 hard events this past weekend and I noticed Saturday night up until today I have the taste or dairy creamer (like the stuff you put in coffee) in my mouth. I was wondering why, could it literally be a buildup of lactic acid?

(I'm thinking dairy-lactose-lactic acid???)

if so is it normal? and what do I do to prevent it/get rid of it?

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by Tapeworm

You don't get a build-up of lactic acid. Lactate, yes. As for the taste in your mouth that could be a variety of things. But definitely not lactic acid.
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by rockdude

Some people have a metallic taste in they mouths after hard efforts.
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by geraldatwork

rockdude wrote:Some people have a metallic taste in they mouths after hard efforts.

Yeah, me grinding my metal fillings.
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by mjduct

I'm beginning to think it's allergies, I do live in the allergy capitol of the world and we've had a really wet spring.
and it's been several days and it hasn't gone away while my nose has started to get stuffy.

oh yeah and it's supposed to get up to 97F today :beerchug:

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by todayilearned

I know this is a bit old but could it be ketone breath?

Or maybe just getting junk particles in your mouth due to breathing harder...
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by gmitt98

or it's reflux.

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by Cyco

A really hard effort or series of efforts can cause you to draw small amounts of blood into your lungs and you can be tasting that.
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roca rule
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by roca rule

isn't the only way to taste lactic acid is from throwing up from hard efforts.

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by mvogt46

I used to get reflux after doing some very hard efforts on the track. Burns the hell out of your esophagus, it used to come up into the back of my throat and you could taste it slightly. The taste/feeling would be there till I went to bed later that night. Usually when I woke up it was gone but every now and then it would still be there in the morning.

Try taking an antacid/zantac straight after your training session, used to work for me.

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by alexb618

i believe the metallic taste is blood?

it is not uncommon to have this experience during/after racing

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by User Name

Me too: acid reflux.

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