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by spandexboy817

Hey all-
Just got a new R5 and looking to trick it out... Hoping for 11-12 lbs (its a 61cm). Nothing should be too insanely light as I race a bit and am a 180lbs cat 1. However, I am pretty gentle on equipment, all things considered.
Current build is cervelo frame & fork
2011 Sram red shifters
Bontrager xxx lite 44cm bars at 174g
rotor S1 stem
Red rear d
Red front d
M5 brakes
Arione CX saddle

And that's it so far! :unbelievable:
I have the stock Rotor cranks in a 53/39, but will probably just sell them. I am very interested in the THM m3 bbright crankset. Fairwheel said they should be getting some in soon. I was thinking about mating them with the K3 cobweb rings. Any thoughts? Has anyone ridden these? Reviews are really few and far between.

I am thinking the New Ultimate seatpost which is 132 g
KMC X10SL chain 250g
I should be able to get my hands on a set of zipp 202's, which aren't ideal, but I get a screaming deal on zipps. I have kcnc skewers that I already run on my race wheels (808s).
Torn between the new red cassette v. a kcnc or recon cassette.

I have the stock 3t dorico LTD seatpost and 3t ergonova bars, but I the parts I have or am looking at are a bit lighter.

Anyways, any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! :beerchug:

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by Getter

One of the shop guys got his R5 down to the 12's with a pair of 404 tubulars. Only other non stock part was the S-Works Toupe saddle.

Not too difficult to get the R5 really light.

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by thisisatest

coworker has an r5 with super record, but rotor crank with cobweb rings. the rings are surprisingly flexy, but more surprisingly, the shifting is very good.

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by owen

I ride a R5 in 58cm. 13.6lbs with pedals. Full SRAM red with Rotor 3D cranks. Changed to TRP 970SL brakes and run Shimano c-24 carbon tubulars. I am not quite sure why there would be a need to lower the weigh of the bike to 11 or 12lbs. The performance in my mind would not increase.

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by spandexboy817

The weight is simply because I want to. Welcome to weigh weenies! I have plenty of other bikes pegged right around 15 lbs for NRC races where weight is an issue, but I have always wanted to do a really light build. I got my SLC-SL 61cm down to 13.3 two years ago which was fun, but the Zipp 300 cranks on it were horrible. Pretty fun to ride, that was with 303s also.

I hadn't though about getting a set of the Cobweb rings and putting them on the rotor cranks. The THM m3 is an awesome looking cranks, but the $/g savings aren't amazing compared to the rotor (not a plus+ rotor crank). I think those cobwebs would look amazing on the rotor crank...

Anyways, thanks for the help, any more ideas are always greatly appreciated.
Tempted to do trying shrink wrapping the hoods to save aother 20-30 g as I have seen a couple others do on the forum

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by billspreston

You have a really good start with some light parts.

- The THM cranks are awesome, but expensive. Do you have the 3D+ version of the Rotor crank? If so, that's fairly light, no? If not, just try and get one of those instead? They are easily obtained.
- New Ultimate Evo seatpost could save you 15-20 grams over the regular NU post without breaking the bank.
- Shrink-wrapping and/or carbon hoods look like crap IMO, weight weenieism be damned.
- There are many saddles out there that are lighter than the Arione CX.
- I would stick with a Red cassette. The new 2012 one is light!
- Zipp SL bars are light and might fit this build better.
- What about pedals? Keo Blade Ti?
- Cages? Arundel or Zipp?
- You've noted the 202s aren't an ideal lightweight wheelset and I agree, but I like Zipps a lot and you could do a lot worse.

For all this advice, I'm only requesting that you help this dude out with a screaming deal on some Zipps :mrgreen:

Best of luck with the build.

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