160k race - no feedzone, doable on 2.5 bottles?

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by ultyguy

I was in a similar situation last year (elites had mussettes but nada for me, I had 2x750ml). It was about 135km but with 2x2nd cat and 1x2st cat + a just lumpy all day, winning time around 4 hours. It was August, but overcast and a muggy 25 degrees. I was having one of my best days of the season out on the bike and stayed with the front group over the last big climb of the day only to die on the 10km false flat run-in to the finish. I still did better than I ever could've hoped, but you always wonder 'what if'.

I used 100% gels all day and I have to say that I would take that approach again. Solid food requires even more liquid for me than gels. Also, fat etc takes even more water to break down so I wouldn't go that route personally. Hydrate like heck beforehand and something with plenty of salts in it so that your body retains more water.

I really should've gone for the extra bottle in the jersey though, would've died for it!

p.s. I'm normally a very heavy drinker so even I was surprised I made it that far w/out extra water, so yeah it can be done.

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by Privateer

I'm with Ultyguy. It can certainly be done. I've done races of that time/distance on two bottles. The Paris-Roubaix sportive last year took me just under 4 hours (135km) and I only had two bottles.

As far as I can tell sports scientists are moving away from the drinking to a schedule/minimum amount of fluid needed per hour approach. Elite marathoners race for 2 hours and barely drink anything. They lose up to 7% of body mass through dehydration with no adverse performance effects and soon return to normal levels of hydration.

At that relatively cool temperature on the flat in a fast moving pack you'll be losing relatively little fluid through sweat compared to a hot or hilly race. Make sure you don't overdress, to avoid any unecessary sweat losses.

Start with 1-2 500ml bottles in your jersey and toss them when you finish them.

You're much more likely to feel the effects of hypoglycaemia than dehydration. Make sure you take on enough CHO and you'll be fine.

EDIT- I'd be more concerned about losing the front group when pissing (stopped or otherwise) than about dehydration, so wouldn't try to hyper-hydrate before the race.
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by natiedean24

That's a crappy scenario. I couldn't make it with that little water regardless of temp.

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by darkblue08

I would make a quick stop about halfway, and get some water at a store, fountain, church or what ever is possible in the area.

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by theredmiata

Is there a limit to how many water bottles you can carry? If not you can always go the triathlon route. Speedfill makes a larger (40oz) squareish water bottle which can be mounted on the front mount. You can then install a bottle mount on your handelbar.

Ian in SD

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by Rick

I am actually wearing a camelback in my avatar picture. They work great as long as you don't have to climb out of the saddle much. I've done two flat-ish centuries this way with no stops.

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by ph

Probably a bit late but have you considered using 1L bottles? I have used the Zefal ones before.

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by Tapeworm

Privateer wrote:As far as I can tell sports scientists are moving away from the drinking to a schedule/minimum amount of fluid needed per hour approach. Elite marathoners race for 2 hours and barely drink anything. They lose up to 7% of body mass through dehydration with no adverse performance effects and soon return to normal levels of hydration.

1) the current science is indeed now looking to "drink to thirst" rather than a set amount. For some this may be 400mls or 800mls.

2) Elite marathoners are elite. What they can endure is far different to what we mere mortals can do. If your average "keen" runner tried to do a 3hr marathon with little fluids bad things would happen.

3) If you "only" had a ~2 hr race then I would agree it CAN be done on minimal hydration. But it's not only 2 hours.

4) Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Dehydration can have severe effects on health.
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by stella-azzurra

As i have done 100 miles before by myself with 2 24oz. bottles I can say it is doable. It really depends on the individual and how trained they are. I do not need water to do 2 hr. rides at a moderate pace or 18-19 mph. For more than 2 hrs rides and less than 3 hrs. I would carry a bottle. For 4 - 5 hr rides 2 -3 bottles and maybe a bit of food but not much. But I am trained like this.

Now if you want to maximize the amount of water to carry then you can have 2 bottles on the frame, 2 on the rear seat and have maybe 1 or 2 camelbacks strapped to your back.

I know they make hats with 2 beer bottle holders why not convert you helmet to hold 2 bottles that are both connected with a hose that runs in the back of the neck to your mouth. You could also get a frame with a down tube bladder.

Or you could just hook up 2 panniers over the rear wheel and put 4 gallons (that's 16 liters) of fluid in there.

Did I miss any other possibility?
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by Murphs

Good old Cycling NSW....

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by daj

Had a 2-stage race, 2x130km about a week ago so 3 hours of racing per stage. At around 10 degrees celsius and little sun I had 2x750ml, which comes down to 500ml an hour which is what I usually drink during a race.

Without any support I would also just drop a bottle in my jersey and first drink that. First hour of racing usually isn't that hectic.

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by Tabe

OT almost, I know, but..

My trainee had a race 190k, cold medium rainy day (+10 celsius), 3808 kJ, average power 225, average speed tad over 40. Got 130g carbs from 4 bottles + 157g carbs from energy bars. Also 1 bottle of plain water (4th bottle in a row). His racing weight is around 65-66 kg.

Quite bad cramps for last 60k, therefore staying gruppetto and not possible to hit out. Was it for overeating? Cramps not problem lately?

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