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by digitalnorbs

I have a pair of Lakes that are just right, but thats without the insoles, if I go up a size, then they are too long and my foot
moves back and forth, the smaller one is great without an insole, is it ok to ride without one, does any one else does it,
or whom makes the thinness one out there that some one can recommend. thanks for any help that can be given

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by yeagermeister

IME Fizik and Shimano have pretty low profile footbeds, not sure about riding without any I never tried it

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by hasbeen

Its not a big deal to ride without insoles. You may find the sole a little hard and lacking in form fit.
I run the smallest shoe I can and always have to take out the stock insole. What I do is make my own out of cork. Go to a craft store and buy a roll of cork. The stuff I have is very thin, sticky backed, and enough to last for years. I cut the correct shape, add arch supports, and in a few rides it feels like a custom insole.
Many companies used to use cork insoles because they mold to the foot, absorb shock, and are light.
Gonna put some scraps under my handlebar wrap too. :thumbup:
Also, buy some the thinnest socks you can. Oddly, Performance has the thinnest that I can find ... 98__400088
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 step racier than a hybrid bike

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