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by hobbler

Hi, I'm only new to the forum and relatively new to mtb(was on the road beforehand but an accident put an end to it). To be a weight weenie does your bike have to be light or do you just have to try make it lighter and have an interest in light components? I try to make my bike as light as possible but I've many trade offs.

I've never felt as confident a cyclist since the accident mentioned above so I like more travel-130mm up front(manitou minute 3) and this adds to the weight. I've also gone full suss recently to allow me to descend better. Next trade off is the fact that i'm a student so money is hard to come by during term time meaning i have to buy heavy or second hand parts. And finally i'm not the lightest guy so I have to have faith in the strength of the parts i use.

My bike is approx 27lbs, can i be a weight weenie with a bike of this weight? The drivetrain is xtr except for raceface evolve xc cranks, the wheels xt laced to dt swisss 4.1d rims. The frame is an azonic xtension propulsion and the brakes deore M525 discs(they're next to go).

So my question is, do i have to have a scandium/carbon hardtail to be a weight weenie? And are there any less expensive ways to shed weight? Or any tips on what to change on my bike?

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by RTW

:welcome: Luke..... weight weenie-ism is a state of mind dude! What you'll find is that with a few possible exceptions, most people here ride and love their bikes. The point of it all is to try to get products that perform to a level you are happy with, at a budget you can afford and that are as light as possible without compromising the first two criteria. There are many ideas to lighten your bike that will cost you nothing (like trimming the cables sorter after the pinch bolt, getting rid of cable adjusters at both ends of the cables and removing gear indicators). Also, if you are a student, go and ride lots and lots and lots, get sponsored then get it all for free. Heaven knows I wish I had. Hope this helps. :D

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by Tippster

you can still claim a ww badge by building a lightweight ridable bike on a budget...
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