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by mtnbkr

This might not be a typical question on the WW forum since it is a tandem, but I figured I'd ask. Our combined weight is 240lbs (110kg). The wheelset needs to be disc compatible and I will not be doing any loaded touring on this wheelset. This is just for group rides. I have White Industries Disc Hubs with DT Champions, 40 spokes, laced to Sun ME14A rims. I'm planning to buy the same hubs so there's no weight savings there, but use 32 spokes and DT comps, laced to some rim. I believe saving 16 spokes/nipples (about 8g each, so around 128g) and then converting the remaining 64 spokes to DT compes (about 1g diff, so another 64g), I should have about 192g saved so far. Any thoughts on what rim to use that'll be strong enough for us? I'd love to use alpha 340s for the weight but am very concerned on the strength. The Sun rims claim to be 420g and and I'm having a hard time finding a rim that's much lighter, that's also relatively strong. I will use brass nipples.


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by jdp211

I know of a couple that rides topolinos, not sure of the weight, but I know their wheels are relatively lightweight for singles.

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by PDXWheels

Rolf Prima makes great high performance tandem wheels, with disc option.

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by HillRPete

Strong alu rims such as Hed Belgium, Velocity A23, Mavic CXP 33, etc typically tip the scales north of 450g.

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by thisisatest

id pass on the topolinos. seen too many hub issues, and the construction seems too much like Lightweights from shell to spokes, then a crappy adapting system to mate it to a standard rim. good effort on their part, but...
hed belgiums had some spoke hole cracking issues, this was a little while ago so may have been solved. so id go with velocity a23.
how big are the tires youre running? 23? or 28ish?
stans arch ex rims are 450g, 24.6mm wide on the outside, im sure they can take some air pressure.

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by thisisatest

also, what is the weight of your current pair of wheels, without tires, cassette, rotors, qr, etc.

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