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by Privateer

i'll take two.

Any idea of price and when it might be available?

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by skogling

Is it ready yet ? ;)

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by bolizous

I think he is just teasing us. :)

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by A C

Beautiful! :thumbup:

I'd like one in silver and one in black when you start making them please.

Let us know.

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by Fuchspk

:thumbup: looks really nice

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by Liggero

I love this mount. it's even better than bar fly and quark... pity I use syntace f109 stem and not gonna change it... could you produce a version for the syntace? i measure the bolt separation and it's about 26,5-27mm. Also with the f109 you have no space for a horizontal plate over the stem clamp, just vertical space downwards. Don't know if i explained this clear but i think you get it and you could modify the model easily to machine one for the f109. Looking forward to it. You could have a very nice business with these accessories. Sign me up for a few ones.
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by njroadie

The handlebar computer mount is great. Might I make 2 suggestions to improve the design to make it more universal?

1. Have it mount on 1 bolt instead of 2. That way, it should fit on any stem with a standard bolt. The challenge would be to make it tight enough to discourage twisting while not damaging the handlebars. Perhaps a rubber washer like that on a locknut would help?

2. Have a break in the middle of the mount with a serrated section and through bolt. The purpose would be to allow a variation of the angle relative to the stem to allow different stem angles to be used.

I'll bet with these "universal" type modifications you could sell a ton of these.

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by WeightySteve

Why mount it to the stem at all? Fit it directly on fork, like a spacer, under the stem.

Edit: Stupid idea, the "arm" would need to be as long as the stem + computer (15cm+). Too long.

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by mrowkoob

Great design Tillquist, chapeau!
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by Dammit

How about a curved section that follows the arc of the bar, and the underside of the stem face plate as one half of the mount?

i.e. in a similar fashion to a shim, it would fit underneath the stem face plate, and be clamped between it and the bars.

The "USS Enterprise" section would then mount to that, and as it would be a curved piece one could adjust the angle relative to the ground by simply moving it up or down, then clamping it in place.

It would mount to any stem, irrespective of the number/position of the bolts, as long as the stem face plate was within a certain width.

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by mikedavey

Tillquist, your mount looks fantastic!! I'm definitely interested if/when you go into production.

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by TheDano

Count me in for two in anodized black also. Genius!

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by Dov

I'd be happy to pay for one or two of these too!
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by literider

Really slick, count me in.

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by preludervtec

Count me in for a anodized black mount also! I've already got a 3T stem on my bike, which would make this solution perfect for me.

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