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by Ghost234

I'm thinking about getting a set of wheels this summer and the one set that is really catching my eye is the ENVE smart 6.7 Tubulars. Everything I read about them suggest that these are a fantastic wheel choice. Does anyone have any personal (or have a friend) experience with them? I am a fairly light rider at 145lbs, and race very regularly (2-3x per week).

Any other wheels I should look at?

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by ergott

Here's one of my write-ups.

Love those wheels.

http://ergottwheels.blogspot.com/search ... 3.4%20rims

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by got2ride

Nice wheels but expensive and you have to ask yourself, do you really need them. They are the same concept as the Zipp Firecrest and the benefits of these wheels are really handiling in a cross wind (so primarily you are talking about the front wheel and being able to have better handling on the front in a cross wind at the same depth or being able to go a little deeper on the front). They are not a "faster" wheel.
So how often are you racing and fighting a strong crosswind? If you are racing crits, that cross wind advantage is not really there. Even in most road races, you hide in a pack.
Beyond that, I have used Edge/Enve wheels for years and love them. Strong, stiff and sturdy and their customer service and replacement policies are very good. :beerchug:

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by Ypsylon

got2ride wrote:They are not a "faster" wheel.

Not faster than what, though?

They are right up there with the fastests wheels available with higher odds of actually using them on a given day.
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by Lawfarm

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