Cervélo R5 VWD, 5,1kg

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by jipperd

I just finished my latest build: Cervélo R5 VWD:

First the complete build list:

Frame Cervélo R5 VWD size 51 (incl. bb) 830gr
Fork Cervélo SL 285gr
Headset FSA Orbit 86gr
Stem KCNC SC Wing 120mm 108gr
Handlebar Easton EC 90 SLX 198gr
Seatpost MCFK Zero Setback 96gr
Saddle AX Lightness Phoenix 67gr
Seatpostcollar MCFK Carbon 7gr
Rear derailleur Sram Red 130gr
Front derailleur Sram Red 71gr
Crankset Campagnolo Super Record Ti, 34-50 626gr
Pedals Look Keo Blade Carbon 185gr
Brake front Negative Gravity GSL 97gr
Brake rear Negative Gravity GSL 96gr
Cassette Sram RED 11 23 153gr
Chain Sram 240gr
Wheel front AX Lightness 24mm/Tune Mig70/DT Revolution 20 370gr
Wheel rear AX Lightness 24mm/Tune Mag170/DT Revolution 24 500gr
Shifters Sram Red 288gr
Tape Deda 38gr
Tires Vittoria CX II 430gr (2x215)
Bottlecages Tune 18gr (2x9gr)
QR's Tune DC16/17 remake 44gr
Exxpander Cervélo expander 25gr
Spacer 25mm 6gr
Cable Elvedes prototype 20gr
Cable outer Alligator I-Links/Alligator I-link Mini 65gr

Total 5.1kg











by Weenie

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by dimitrid

Very nice build!

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Really nice build :thumbup:, low profile wheelsets suits very well on R-series Cervelo frames.
Is that seatpost collar one-off piece, or does MCFK sell those?

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by cezinho

Grear biuld. I would just change the stem. Kcnc looks very cheap next to the rest of the gear.

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by BmanX

Is therre anything that you can do to get this to 4999g. It looks so close to being under 5kg

Cervelo SLC 5960g/13.13 lbs

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by sugarkane

Yup... Stem, bars, expander, tires, and the QRs.... Plus a few alloy bolts here and there. :mrgreen:

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by KB

Very light bikes often look ugly, but this has both weight and looks on its side. Chapeau sir, but 4,999, yes.

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by artray

Great looking bike. I really like Cervelos with the shorter head tube, Once they go over 54cm they loose the stealthy look . I think the older bikes looked better with the shorter head tube .This bike looks super and a nice choice of components .

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by steff

really nice bike
why this crank ?

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by sawyer

Great build - with the AX rims it looks like it would murder the hills alright! :beerchug:
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by Asymptotic

Very nice build :thumbup:

Frankly though, I find the frame weight quite disappointing given the price difference between the R5 and R3, I would have thought the latter would be in the same ball park as yours, weight wise at least for a 51cm.
Norwood & Adelaide Uni CC

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by jipperd

Thanks for the comments and positive criticism. Optically, the looks of the high profile EDGE wheels unsurpassed, but in view of the weight is the AX Lightness set the only correct choice.
Regarding the weights of some elements, there is a small number of parts: unfortunately relatively large essential parts; such as frame, fork and crank that I didn't weight for myself. These are thus estimates. I'm very curious to the exact weight of the frame in this particular bike.

To answer the question for my choice of Campagnolo Super Record UT crankset, Campagnolo's crankset is actually a very good option. I do not like the looks of the Rotor's crank yet I do love THM's Clavicula M3 crank. However, since this would be over 400, - euro more expensive, the weight difference would be +/- 100gr and still had more than 6 weeks for delivery, I opted for the Campagnolo crankset. Chances are here in the future an upgrade occurs.

Sub 5kg will be within reach, most certainly when the crankset would be upgraded with the THM crank. Yet some further tuning is possible such as: Shifter clamps, bolt tuning and some other parts.

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by Powerful Pete

Awesome bike Jip. As others have said, ultra weenie bikes are usually not aesthetically pleasing. This one is light and beautiful.

Road bike: Cervelo R3, Campagnolo Chorus/Record mix...
Supercommuter: Jamis Renegade...pastatrails.blogspot.com
And you can call me Macktastik Honey Pete Kicks, thank you.

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by Sjoerd

Jeez what a rig, well done man! :unbelievable:

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by wasabi1

Stunning! Incredible wheels. 870g for the pair!

Not at all keen on the campagnolo/SRAM mix. Go for rotor.

by Weenie

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