Paris Roubaix why so much FMB tubs?

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by Calnago

Not to discount anyone else's personal experiences but here's mine:
I've kept track of mileage now and gone through, back to back, a set of Continental Comps 22mm and a set of Veloflex Carbons 22mm. Have to say, I found no noticeable difference in wear. And I think for me at least, it would appear that I need to think about replacing the rear, regardless of brand, somewhere between 1200 and 1500 miles (~2000 to 2500km). I weigh 195-200lbs (88-90kg).
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by apLe

Thanks for sharing your experience. I think I may change my sprinters for sth better, but first they have to get worn ;) Vittoria or Veloflex would be my next choice for training tubulars and probably FMB for racing ones. I weight 72-74kg and I rather don't skid my rear wheel. Roads are rather good here, but if opt for less traffic then I get worse roads with more debris on them.
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