Best 28C tire?

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by bones

Had the Conti Gatorskins which were quite puncture resistant. Ride quality was ok. I agree with the others about the Grand Bois tires. They are fantastic, very cushy ride. Too bad about the high cost. I'm currently using some Panaracer Paselas. Awesome tire. I can't believe they don't cost more. To me, they are the best value tire around.

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by droptop

For the fast, fat tires, check out the schwalbe Kojak tires. Very fast rolling, but fairly short on life.

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by jrobart

+ 1 for the Conti GP 4 seasons. Rod them all winter (25mm) and loved them. Decent feel and grip. No flats.
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by Ssalmon

I did the almanzo 100, a gravel ride in southeast Minnesota, on the tubular version of the pargi-roubiax and I really enjoyed it. I was hitting 30-35 on gravel and they tracked pretty good. The tread did begin to peel off the casing BUT Challenge hooked me up with a new tire.

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by bikerjulio

On a wide rim, like Pacentis, a 25mm PR4 measures 27.7mm which is closer to 28 than a lot of 28's.

Can be run at lower pressures (I'm doing 75 x 90 psi @ 190#), and very comfortable.
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by tonytourist

I've had Grand Bois tires in 28 and 30 widths, that measured roughly 29 and 32 according to Compass. The 30s on my Velocity A23s were pretty massive and I loved the set up. Currently running a 28 Continental and it's probably a 27 on a good day. My dad runs the Hutchinson Sectors and loves them, you can find them pretty cheap online compared to the retail price!

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by rijndael

FWIW: My 28mm GP 4Seasons are exactly 28mm on a Velocity A23 rim. I'm pleased with this setup.

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by Miller

DMF wrote:Pro3 in 25C is actually closer to 27mm on most mid-width rims.

I have Michelin Pro4 25c on Velocity A23 rims and (I just checked) they inflate to a surprising 28mm width.

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by sanrensho

Just installed a Lithion 2 25c on Velocity A23. Width is slightly over 27mm.

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by WMW

prendrefeu wrote:Yeah, but which one is the lightest?

As mentioned, you can't beat the Grand Bois Extras:
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by darwinx

For you apparently. But amazingly there are other people who are different from you. Shocking I know...

NealH wrote:I don't think the 28's offer much improvement over 25's in general. I ran the Specialized All-Condition 28's a few years ago during the winter and they were good tires. But for the past 3 years I've used Conti 4000 in 25 and they ride and perform great. No flats, reasonably lightweight, and good grip. Not the longest life tire by any means but the performance is solid. I pump them to 80#.

I think a 28 might be called for it you're riding dirt, gravel or other off-road type trails. For tarmac, the 25's are king.

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by aaric

I've had good luck with the Hutchinson Secteur 28 for a commuter / bad road tire. Tubeless, I know, but with sealant, they've not flatted in over 1500 miles, wear pretty well, suck up the bigger road cracks, and roll pretty well for something so durable especially compared to a Gatorskin, for instance.

Downside is the price though...

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by HillRPete

Also had some time on Vittoria Pave 27mm now. Definitely nicer ride than Conti 4 Season 28. But the Vittos cut up on rocky gravel. No punctures yet, though.

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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

Combining anything non-supple as a Continental tyre with a latex inner tube goes beyond my comprehension.
Anyway, I have done Paris-Roubaix on 23mm, 24mm Vittoria open Pavé clinchers and 28mm open Pavé tubular.
28mm will make a big difference in Roubaix (the difference between looking forward to the next section of cobblestones and counting down the sections), but the 24mm clincher version has now become a 25mm so that would be OK too.
There is now a 27mm clincher available, so don't look further and treat yourself with some real tires.

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