Pedal Force P2 Seatpost?

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by blantonator

Anyone running these? I usually run a masterpiece, but I need a post with the setback at the top. The P2 looks light and inexpensive, but is it any good? ... 0459d5e7a9" onclick=";return false;

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by Camilo

This post looks exactly like the Forte Precision Carbon seatpost I bought from Performance Bike a couple of years ago - same lines/shape, setback and same clamping/tilt mechanism. IIRC, mine cost about the same at the time, maybe as much as $75. Mine's 27.2, 300 mm, 25mm setback and weighs 165 gm on my scale. Definitely an excellent price/weight ratio.

Performance doesn't carry it any more and their current Forte Pro carbon seat post is not anything like the old one and therefore not anything like the Pedal Force model.

I'd say, for me, it is a good price/value ratio and all in all I'm happy enough with it not to be searching for a replacement. The tilt adjustment is not the easiest to maneuver in small increments, and it's not "infinite" - there are tiny notches and it can be difficult to land on just the right notch. However, once you get it set, it's solid as long as you make sure it's seated into the notch before tightening the bolt. I found that it happens to well for me if I put it exactly one notch nose up from horizontal using my bubble level, even though I thought I wanted it to be about 1/2 that amount and was frustrated I couldn't get it there (in otherwords, a smaller portion of the bubble off horizontal). But I found that it rides very comfortably for me at that position, therefore I discovered that my tilt adjustment didn't have to be within a mm like I thought. Within 2 mm is OK. I hope that make sense.

Once I figured that out, it's very easy to duplicate when I had to change my saddle, but it is solid in that positoin and I haven't touched it in two seasons. I'd say for the price, the deficiencies are not a big deal, it functions well, and it is pretty darn weight weenie.

I can't comment on things like stiffness because I'm not huge or powerful, but it seems solid enough to me.

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by rowdysluggins

I've got one and it is great for the price. the one thing that might not work for some people is that it is not truly micro-adjust.
It has a toothed profile machined into the clamp and post that move the saddle tilt in "increments" (of what, I don't know). I initially had a problem getting the tilt the way I wanted, then reversed the lower clamp and it changed the tooth position enough that I was happy (or, I subconsciously gave up and got over it. I'm not certain which). Either way, I'm still using it. It has seen many miles and has worked flawlessly It looks pretty nice too. Nicer than the picture on the web-site. It has a 3K weave, gloss coat, and no logo.

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