What freehub is this?

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by Rokkala

Ordered a wheelbuild, specifying I needed a campag freehub and ended up with this:


What brand of cassette would fit that? Sure ain't campag...

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by critracer26

have you tried to put a campy cassette on there? sure looks weird. could you take a pic of the side of it and the whole hub.

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by bikerjulio

It's the WW version of a Campy hub :D
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by Rokkala

Another couple of pics:


Campag cassette will slide on, but you just have a ridiculous amount of slack, can move the cassette round from one spline to the other, so a good inch or so.

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by Frankie - B

Dude, that is a tune hub, right? It is THE WW version of a campagnolo body.

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by Rokkala

Extralite SLX.

So what, the cassette is supposed to be able to move around when installing it, and you just rely on the lockring to ensure the cassette doesn't move back round on the freehub?

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by breezerboy

Yes, basically.

Rotate the sprockets until they stop (in the drive direction) when installing, the lockring and drive torque will stop them moving. Unless you're trying to run this fixed why would they rotate backwards in use? The freewheeling of the hub stops any reverse torque.

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