Road fork on cyclocross frame?

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by ras11

I'm looking to put a road fork onto a cyclocross frame. There is obviously a clearance issue with the differing axle-to-crown distances. If I adapt the fork without a spacer it will throw off the rest of the frame's geometery.

Has anyone seen a below the head tube spacer adaptor?
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by bricky21

Chris King makes a +5mm crown race. A 28mm shorter fork(after adjusting for offset) would drop the bb by about 10mm and steepen the head angle by about 1.5 degrees, so depending on the geometry of you existing cross frame it might end up being a nice riding road frame.

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by thisisatest

steepening the head angle will also likely put it in the sweet spot for the rake that the road fork probably has.

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by jwb96

Have you tried Problem Solvers? They have fixes for the weirdest things.

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by bones

That is gonna massively change your head angle, seat angle, and BB drop. I wouldn't do it.

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