How to stop the cracking sound of Mini i-links cable housing

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by Liggero

hello there. I installed the mini i-links cable housing in september. this bike haven't seen too much use, around 1000km from then. all of a sudden today they have started creaking, making just the typical sound of any components when is not properly greased from a while, like cranksets. how do you fix this problem? i guess disasembling it completely and carefully lubing it would work but... that woult take too much time. Maybe disasembling them from the cable stops of the frame and applying some spray teflon oil, and then cleaning it with a cloth...

anyway, anytip would be welcome. if this issue persists, or happens too often, I´m not gonna buy them again.
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by Weenie

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by foofighter

Boeshield t9 worked for my nokons. Just a drop where it's creaking.

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by TOflat

I've run nokons before without any creaking whatsoever.

Right now I'm putting Alligator Ilinks on a new build of mine and I plan on dripping a little Boeshield T9 between the links and letting it dry just before final assembly. Aluminum on aluminum is never a nice sound.

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by timzcat

I agree. When they are new they are quiet but once they have gotten some use they get noisey.
I haven't tried to fix it yet but I am told a simple silicone spray will fix it.

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by cezinho


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by Liggero

Easily solved. I just sprayed heavily the mini i-links after dismounting them from the frame, then reassembly and cleaned the excess lube. No more creaking sound anymore.

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by Kabush

I use Nokon. And is dirty wether i have same problem but is easy fix it. Wash bike and then shift on front and rear chain up and than shift down. Spray any oil to outer cables (i use Motorex wet lube) and then turn pedals - chain go down and than clean cabels with any towel.

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by aadamcycle

I use dry graphite lube. This is also what I use on my cleats as it is a lubricant and it does not attract dust or dirt. Although if you are using white anything be warned this is dark in color so it may stain. You can get Dry graphite lube in a spray can or in a powder. For your application I would recommend the dry powder. To apply, loosen your cable somehow ( I just upshift and remove it from the holders) then wiggle each joint to separate it slightly, then sprinkle the powder in-between each joint. Reinstall the the cable and shift a few times and wiggle each joint a few times problem solved. This will last me at least a year at a time for each application and I ride 5-7k miles a year.
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