praxis works + SRAM red, crank pin touching

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by PoorCyclist

I installed on Praxis works clover chainrings 50/34T on SRAM Red crank.. I am definitely not the only person with this combination as I have seen pictures, not sure if it was a compact 50T with smaller ring size though.

All seems well but I noticed the crank pin that protects from overshift is touching the crank arm. I cannot fit a piece of paper through it. I am sure the original had more clearance.

It does not seem to push the chainring out of alignment or anything. Do you think it is a problem? I would hate to have to take it off and grind the pin down if it is not an issue, I hope this won't make any unwanted noise.

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by billspreston

I can't speak to whether or not that will cause an issue, but it doesn't seem right. At the very least, I'd say the pin could be ground down some.

I've got both red rings and praxis clover rings in 50/34 on hand. The Praxis pin is indeed significantly taller than the Sram red, nearly twice as tall. I've got my Praxis rings mounted on an SiSL with ~2mm of clearance. Haven't tried mounting them on my red crank, but I imagine it would look just like yours maybe worse.

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by AptosBigRing

HI guys,
Yep...being an aftermarket ring, we try to fit a bunch of different profile cranks arms.
If we make it too short, then that pin won't protect in case of over shift on some cranks with wider profile.

So we chose to go with a tad taller chain catch pin that people can simply file down if it does indeed touch the back of their crank arm.

The vast majority of cranks out there all is perfect fit out of the box....but on just a couple model cranks out there, just file the chain catch pin down a touch and all is perfect.

Hope that helps!

Adam @ Praxis
Santa Cruz County
Praxis Works
Santa Cruz, CA

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