Bigger Rings for Campag Ultratorque Compact Chainset

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by stuarts

I've just picked up a nice winter training bike, only problem is it being fitted with a compact chainset.
Does anyone know what's the biggest inner ring I can fit? Ideally I'd like to fit a 39 - not so worried about the 50 outer, it is a winter trainer (when I tend to use smaller gears anyway).
I'd prefer to just change the 34 ring if possible rather than mess around changing chainsets.

by Weenie

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by bontie ... -03-12.pdf

According to this no, but I am sure you could fit a 36 tooth, and these guys even offer a 38 tooth option. ... leShopping

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by Blackwidow

My LBS mentioned Campag are coming out with a 52-36 combo for their compact crank. Just ask around and see when it's available in your part of the world...
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by ultimobici

Miche do a range of rings to fit. Supertype for 11 & Compact for 10 speed. Condor in London have them.

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by natiedean24

TA Specialites makes rings that may fit your bill. Check out the 'Nerius' and 'Nerius 11' range:

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by c50jim

RIbble - - has Stronglights in 38 in stock and they're in your neck of the woods so delivery should be quick.

You could always sell the compact crank and pick up a regular one if you really want the 39.

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by LionelB

50/39 works perfectly on a campa compact crank with TA or Stronglight rings.

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by mjduct

I have a standard Campy Record crankset (39/53) that I'd be happy to trade with you PM me if you are intersted

by Weenie

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