changing from standard to compact, power meter

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by PoorCyclist

On a compact I pretty much use small ring once the climb starts (sustained 6%), the other times I am on the big ring, it is a fairly clear distinction, but I have no problems with the "jump".

I found on a standard I get really gassed on the climbs with the same 25T cassette. I can climb faster with it on a good day but worse on a bad day! After all gear inches is what it is.. In theory it's 39/25 is like 34/22 but without a chance to bail. I did get a bit stronger. But for long rides with climbing after climbing I go with compact and just so I don't blow my knees apart.

I am not 100% used to riding flats with small ring on the 53/39, but I seem to do OK jumping between standard and compact.. I tend to do a lot of calculation in my head, kind of like going to a country and reconfiguring my brain to drive on another side. Readjusting as needed.

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