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by crit_racer

I'm currently in the market for some new jerseys and I'm really attracted to the sportful bodyfit range, nice and plain. Is there a major difference between the Bodyfit Pro Race and Team jerseys, I am aware that the race only has a half length zip but my major query is the fit. Is the race noticeably tighter than the team jersey? (Also, is sportfuls sizing guide accurate seen as I will be buying online?)

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by me

Also, what are they like in length :)

by Weenie

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by sawyer

I have both ...

Race is noticeable tighter and pretty much as tight as skinsuit. Team is still tight by normal jersey standards, so the difference isn't huge, but is noticeable.

Obviously I'm comparing apples with apples size wise - both large.

Length - fairly short.
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by indigo

Sizing - yeah accurate. My 'L' fits according to their measurements.

Bought it same reason as you, in this case only sober design in the shop :?

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by crit_racer

@sawyer and indigo, how well does the team jerseys zip sit on the body. Has it got a tendency to bunch or kink?

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