Cooler heads "PREVAIL" S3

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by Jedispeeder

Ordered this helmet last week and picked it up today....couldn't be happier :D I thought I'd take pics for anyone that was thinking about the helmet. Although at 249gms without the visor, not the lightest, but certainly better than my old beater bucket I have had forever, and has seen it's fair share of crashes and saved my noggen!!









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by prendrefeu

Visor. Off.
Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by NealH

Excellent pictures. Specialized products are evolutionary, and they keep getting better. Kudo's to them for putting the weight on the box.

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by Getter

Its basically the previous S-Works without the carbon and added the retention system from the Prevail.

Great helmet for the money. :thumbup:

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by Jedispeeder

prendrefeu wrote:Visor. Off.

Yep I had to have some photos with and without the visor. Either way the helmet looks great! I had to have this helmet because of the trickle down tech from the S-works! As one member has already pointed out it is a great value for the money.
Also a hard to find size (m) and color. So special order was the way to go :lol:

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by Dustin

Saw that at Dealer Event and was certain that it'd take over Prevail sales. Surprisingly it hasn't. It's a badass helmet.

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by Spuds

Approximately 249grams is a bit of an oxymoron. Unless it is 249g + or - 0.5g (in which case they really wouldn't need the "approximately"). :smartass:

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by VTBike

Nice, I really like it. I have a prevail, which I love - but its just plain white... which is a tad boring for my taste. This looks like a great next option.

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by mjduct

the Whale Shark Prevails!!!


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by Jedispeeder

Just an update. 2 weeks ago I was involved in an accident involving a guard rail at 30 mph. This helmet as lite as it is, saved my life!!!!!!! The right side of the helmet has a dent and a gash in it. I sustained mostly raspberries and deep muscle aches,believe it or not the bike was unscathed. Incredible, the motorist who witness the accident thought I was dead!!!!!
The following day I ordered another one , and to my surprise, specialized has a 20% crash helmet credit towards the purchase of another helmet. The 2012 models were all sold out and the new 2013's are here. The color scheme has changed to more red and white , less black and the S3 is more appearant .
Should be here tomorrow, can't wait

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by civdic

I have a 2012 all black S-works prevail. Not sure what the difference is between the S-works and the S3? I also love the Prevail. Fits my mellon perfectly and the dial in adjustment on the back works great. Very cool in the summer. It might be too cool for fall rides.

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