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by Horacio

Looking for any feedback regarding the San Marco Aspide Superleggera.
I'm on the carbon S-Works Toupe and I'm having too many issues with saddle sores on long rides. I realize everyone is different, the thing I like about the Superleggera is that it doesn't drop down on the sides like the Toupe, yet is lightweight and has a "taint gully" but not that of the Toupe.
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by wath

So you're hoping that going to a carbon saddle with no padding will alleviate your soreness?

I'd say to try some other saddles first before shelling out that much cash for a something you probably wont like.

by Weenie

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by Horacio

It's not that my ass is sore, rather the "wings" for lack of a better term, on the S-Works that flare off and sort of down, is causing my my belief.

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by drewb

I have a carbon Toupe on one bike and had some sores in the past. I switched to another bike for the past month with another saddle. (San Marco Regale). It is a really comfortable saddle (as is the Toupe), but is has not helped with the sores. Not better, not worse.

Here is some advice: ... -the-arse/

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by fdegrove


I have been on a regular Aspide Composite for the past seven years and the only saddle I can think of that would suit me even better would be one of the SMP offerings.

While I do love the Aspide I am also fully aware that it not to everyone's taste, far from it. It's a bit of a love it or hate it affair but if you think it suits you then sure, give it a try.
Personally I started out with the regular Aspide which I still have on another bike. Later on I wanted something lighter and the Composite matched my bike perfectly so I went for and haven't regretted it one bit.

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by lancejohnson

If you are specifically looking at San Marco saddles, try out the Zoncolon. I switched from SSM to Fizik when our CX team got sponsored by them. Now that the team is gone, I really regret selling my San Marco saddles and will probably have to contact Vittoria NA to get a couple sent over so that I can ride in absolute comfort again...

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by yubbers

The Zoncolan is a beaut. It all comes down to those sit bones. The Regale is like 150mm wide if i remember correctly. That's a wide saddle for a guy. The Zonc is pretty narrow. 127mm i think. 90% of San Marco Saddles are really narrow. The only mid size saddle they do is the Mantra. Big cut out and I get good feedback from them

by Weenie

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