Sub 100g saddles shaped like a Selle Italia Kit Carbonio

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by llhh

yeagermeister wrote:
farm_lim wrote:unbranded saddle, 95g. lots in fleabay.
same flattish profile of the previous SLRs (not the current SLRs).

Any input on these saddles? Ride quality, comfort, durability?

I have used one of those for a while. Normally I use SLR Kit Carbonio. They just do not compare. They are hard, very slippery (ok that's carbon specific, but still at least some leather would be good), do not flex and lastly - with super sharp edges. So you can easily ruin your bibs or worse. So I would buy one solely for taking pictures with your bike hanging on a scale, for riding they are no good unless you have masochistic tendencies or normally ride no more than 10K at a time.
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by Weenie

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by Fourthbook

FYI. According to a proverbial 'reliable source':

"the SAEVD is a far east rebadge, I forget the actual manufacturer, I think it was Bev. [maybe:] Anyway I have ridden a version of it and can’t say that I was at all happy with it. It was super rigid and not a very friendly shape. I’d not recommend that saddle. The Smud however is different, I thought it had a really nice shape and a decent amount of flex which made it pretty comfy, though to be honest I haven’t ridden it more than a couple of times over the last several years, but of the two it would certainly be my choice. I also think it’s closer in shape to the Selle Italia..."
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