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by rule5

So, yesterday I had a bike ending crash. and now im in the market for a new frameset. Here is a link to my build thread with the full story of the crash at the bottom of the page.

Any way, I think I'm working with around a $1500ish for a "new" frame set. I had a pedal force CG1 and really enjoyed it, but honestly I am getting bored with the plain carbon look and if something else came up for the right price I'd like to change things up. I've been cruising ebay and have found a few things. I'm looking for a race bike, something that I can build relatively light, but I am more concerned with stiffness, handling, and durability, something that will just be fast, I do live in the mountains and do a fair amount of climbing but I consider myself more of a sprinter/power guy than a climber. So I guess I just want a good all around race bike. I'm thinking maybe a used cannondale super six hi-mord, used sl3 tarmac, felt FC, Caad10, or just getting another Pedal Force. I come to you guys looking for advice, any experience or suggestions would be really great! Thanks :beerchug:

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by theremery

Used addict should maybe go on the list. Can get R1's for about 1K. Best advice=get an SL and put a deadalus post on it. Super-light, good race bike and adjustable. Well under budget so get more weenie stuff .
Just a thought.
Updated: Racing again! Thought this was unlikely! Eventually, I may even have a decent race!
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by rule5

Cool. Hadn't thought of that, thanks I'l look into it. Another note, I'd prefer a bb30 frame as I've already got some K-force light cranks and dont know if i'll be able to replace them immediately with an equivalent non-bb30 set

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by btompkins0112

CAAD 10......can get a brand-spanking new one for 1k.....leaves you $500 for new wheels, or whatever tickles you fancy. Can spot a used one for between $600 and $800 too if you want to free even more cash!


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by Wizzo

I never heard of Pedal Force. They look nice and pretty affordable for a carbon frame. I vote for CAAD10 as well. :thumbup:

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by Rick

Well, since you are already familiar with PedalForce, I am going to recommend the QS3.

...and you will save big $$ to boot!

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