Wide rim tech? Why aren't we seeing more?

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by SWijland

Cerchi Ghisallo's interpretation of a wide rim :wink: . Unfortunately the inside is not as wide as the outside. Just hoping I will get the aero advantage.


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by xrs2

bones wrote:smellycrotch has been living in a cave.

Apparently a cave without a shower.

roca rule
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by roca rule

As we go names are being added, so much for few manufacturers.

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by smellycrotch

bones/ roca rule

'The dude thinks Enve is the only wide aero rim out there! How could he not know HED/zipp/ bontrager! We must bash him to the ground. Oh goody, look he's new to the forum too, great chance to troll this guy down since he must not know shit.'

Instead of actually making insightful comment, you two tell me stans and velocity are competing with the above mentioned companies with their aero wheels. Certainly you will purchase them to use for racing.

This is like asking a question in a computer related forum as to why some company like apple doesn't support flash, and two blatant idiots going 'microsoft and google have flash support, where the f**k have you been?' Of course it's too much to assume a newbie to know the existence of the other gigantic corporations' products such as honeycomb, windows, blackberry tablet OS at a software forum. Oh, and for the future reference, you don't need to tell me that enve and hed make wide rims when I literally told you that I know they do. It seems like while I was staying in a cave, you two weight weenies were training too hard to the extent it caused hypoxia to your brains. It hurts me to think that it might have not actually happened, you are just in the your normal state of mind.

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by sungod

sound advice from her britannic majesty's government


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by cmdr199212

bahahaha!! :beerchug:

roca rule
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by roca rule

Wasn't it you listing shimano, Reynolds, and Easton together?
I already answered that other companies have been developing other technologies, but eventually they will get to wide rims, just like zipp well get to tubeless later on, or carbon spoked wheels.
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