Dremel questions - rear derailleur specific

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by rino

So I purchased a replacement rear der (Sram Red). Here are a few q's...can anyone with experience direct me on this?

Which dremel bits to cut and polish with? Anyone want to snap a pic of the recommended best bits?

Can I dremel away part of the body without taking apart the derailleur? I'm worried about punching through and damaging the spring.

Any advice on a game plan?

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by theremery

search my user name and recent posts (warning....leave more of the carbon jockey wheel cage than I did in it's 92g state) You can do the vast majority without dismantling the paralellogram cage but it is easy to pre-drill a tiny hole and take 1 pin out. see the pics I posted for the easiest one to remove.
I used barrel 60grit drum for most of it and a rubberised disc approx 4mm thick and approx 15mm across when it's new (it gets smaller!).
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