Tom & Levi Caption Contest

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by js

It's been really nice to see Tom & the Quick Step team doing so well this season, but I really, really can't stop thinking that this photo needs to have a caption contest!!

Toms happiness versus Levi's "OMG" just seems too ridiculous not to have fun with. Even Chavanel looking at the ground has to be good for something...

aaaaand GO!

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by Willier

Tom: Man, so many people and I need to fart.
Levi: What is that smell?
Sylvain: I am gonna be sick...
"Smart may have the answers, but stupid have all the interesting questions."

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by Mccaria

Tom : On this form, I can definitely beat Cancellara into Roubaix
Levi : Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw.

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by ave

Mccaria: That's the winning one!

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by hansonator69

Tomeke: "I finally dropped my cocaine habit!"
Levi: "lololololololol"
Slam your stem.

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by ms6073

Boonen: (all smiles)
Leipheimer: Wonder how long it will be before he realizes someone put shoe polish on his glasses?
Chavanel: Doh - must look away, must look down!
Michael - The Anaerobic Threshold is neither...

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by KWalker

Levi: Holy shit he just did a line the size of medium garden snake off Chavanel's boner!
Don't take me too seriously. The only person that doesn't hate Froome.
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Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

Tommeke: (Elated) I am so happy to win a big race again, tonight we feast of lamb chops and maybe Patrick let's me have a drink!

Levi: (Concerned) Gasp! Odessa will leave me if I eat the lamb, but I have to man up for Tom. I should have stayed at RS, the Schlecks wouldn't make me eat lamb!

Chavanel: (Bummed) With Levi here now, I'm not even second-fiddle on this team. Doesn't anyone notice I'm the French champion and we are in France?

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by HammerTime2

Levi: OMG. I doped, and I've gotten away with it.

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by edesigner

Levi: Hey Tom how do you say shart in Flemish?

Tom: Go f-ck yourself


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by stella-azzurra

This has been done before on this very pic. It's old. :( Try a different pic.
I never took drugs to improve my performance at any time. I will be willing to stick my finger into a polygraph test if anyone with big media pull wants to take issue. If you buy a signed poster now it will not be tarnished later. --Graeme Obree

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by veganeric

Tom: "Chloe, of course I'll help you study for your biology exam. Anything for a fan."

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