Campangolo Shamal 2-Way Fits tire install issue!

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by waypastfast

I have recently purchased a set of used 2011 Shamal 2-Way Fits. I noticed the first owner was using the tubeless tires on them. I am going to be using regular tire/tube setup as I want to run my choice of tires which is the Vittoria Corsa CX's. Now I have noticed another poster is having the same issues with his Campagnolo Neutron wheels in that mounting these tires is a nightmare!! The tires were already on a different set of rims for over a week so they have been stretched already. But for the life of me I still can't get them mounted without pinch flatting the tube. And the one time that I did finally get them mounted they won't seat properly. I am getting desperate here as to finding a solution. Someone please help! Thanks!

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by MDiddy

It may be tough where you are, but when I was running the dura ace tubeless rims I had to let my tires sit in the sun for an hour or so just to soften them up. After that, they seems to just roll over the rim, without tools.

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by farva

You've probably already tried this, but make sure you're positioning the bead of the tire in the lowest part (center) of the rim as you work the tire around. Keep some tension on the tire & make sure it stays sucked tight into the middle. It will make a noticeable reduction in the overall rim diameter the tire has to stretch over. Maybe use a TINY bit of air in the tube to keep it's shape & some baby powder to help prevent the tube from hanging up

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by em3

waypastfast wrote: I have noticed another poster is having the same issues with his Campagnolo Neutron wheels in that mounting these tires is a nightmare!! why are you starting another thread on the exact same issue? There are already plenty of suggestions and additional links posted the thread you reference. Mounting a tire is mounting a tire and there isn't anything specific about your Shamals that makes the process different then the Nucleon/Neutrons.

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by Sjoerd

I had a set of Neutrons Ultra's and I sold them because of the hassle of tire-mounting. I always thought Shamals were very easy with tires (not tubeless), also on 2 way fit rims, but reading your story, this does not seem to be the case. I'm am not happy for you, but for me it is good to know since I plan on purchasing Shamals later this year and I was doubting wether to get the 2 way fit version. I think I won't.

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by Lig

Hi Waypastfast,

I have the Shamal Ultra 2 way and have only ever run standard tyres/tubes. I have run the Vittorias and yes they are tight but with a bit of practice you should be able to get them on. Some tyre/rim combos are more difficult than others; you just need to make sure you don’t use levers as you will nearly always pinch the tube.

You need to ‘pull’ the tyre as tight on as possible working round the rim and then for the last bit ‘roll’ the tyre on, it can sometimes burn your palms if its real tight but should be possible to do with out levers. I sometimes use a bit of washing up liquid on the rim at this point to help the tyre ‘slip’ over (or spit of youre out on the road)!.

Also get your finger in and make sure the tube is pushed well into the tyre so you are not rolling this on as well – as this just adds to the thickness of the tyre and makes it much more difficult.

Then when they are on (as you say you got them on one time) you need to pump them up to max (145psi) for Vits I think and they ‘should’ pop into place like a car tyre. If not reduce to around 40psi, look for the bit that is not seated and manipulate this to help it ‘pop’. Even try at 145psi to manipulate the tyre onto the bead! It will go with a bit of persistence…Once on they should stretch so when you get a flat it will be easier (but not much)!!

Hope this helps….


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by audiojan

First, make sure the bead seats in the indent in the center of the rim. If you're not doing that, you're really going to struggle. Second, toss the tires in the dryer (yes cloth drier) for a few minutes on low heat. That will soften them up to make it easier to fit. If that fails, take some soapy water and a soft brush and brush the tire wall/bead, that will make it easier to mount. If that's not working for you, then you simply have to use a different brand tire (or different wheel... but tires are relatively cheap! :D )
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