Which Parlee Z1 or Z3

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by SimonMasefield

Now I have decided to go for a Parlee and not a Serotta, I have to decide on which Parlee. Can anyone give me some advice and opinion's.

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by dj97223

Go to the source: contact Tom Rodi at Parlee. He is very helpful and responsive.
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by NealH

The ride and performance will be essentially equal, its just that the Z1 can be constructed/built with a wider option set (tubes, geometry, etc). So the Z1 can arguably be built lighter. Like the previous poster said, Tom Rodi is the man to talk to.

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by 2011

Unless you REALLY know EXACTLY what you want in a frameset in terms of exact geometry, carbon layup in certain areas, tubing thickness, etc, you may not need all the custom options of a Z1. A Z3 still gives you custom tubing, size, paint, etc. The money you save on getting a Z3 instead of Z1 could be used toward the wheelset or elsewhere on the bike.

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by bricky21

There both available in custom geo and with the same tubes. The difference is in the seat stay.

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by gumgardner

I think one of the biggest differences is the Z3 comes in a true sloping/compact geometry. You can get the Z1 with some slope but only a limited amount.

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by bricky21

Pulled this Z1 photo off their site
I think a woven lugs and a Serotta F3 fork would look great on that bike.

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