Dilemma - Time RXRS Ulteam or Cannondale Evo?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by rambotan

Taking price into account, it is very hard to beat the EVO (weight + performance). If price is no concern, then other choices can be available.

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by justkeepedaling

Evo is heavier than claimed. I'd prefer a R5 VWD to the Evo, but that could be just me

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by Copperband

rambotan wrote:Taking price into account, it is very hard to beat the EVO (weight + performance). If price is no concern, then other choices can be available.

Oh, I forgot to add that I don't foresee myself doing any frame upgrades for many years to come.

I was leaning towards the Time because its aesthetics have amazed me for the past few years while the cannondale didn't exactly wow me.
However, what you have pointed out is also true as well...

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by tommasini

Weight is a criteria, performance is a criteria, and aesthetics is one too. You've also menitonined that you want to keep it for a long time. So now with the good input recieved so far...my suggestion is that it's time to disconnect from the net and figure out how to weigh your personal priorities - and it should readily come to you :beerchug:

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by fjja

The mixed reviews were for the RXR whose head tube lacked rigidity. The RXRS fixed that. It is not the lightest frame with sub-800g frames being common nowadays, but there are things that numbers do not capture. Its absorption of high frequency vibration make it a silky, whole-day bike in spite of its racing geometry. Not the best climber, time-trialler or crit bike, rather a perfect all-rounder. Strong frame and fork that survive crashes, quick but stable steering, unique looks, superb craftsmanship. Love mine.

Not to knock the Evo, which is excellent at a lower price point, but I suspect which one will age more gracefully.


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by elviento

Both manufacturers approach frame building a bit differently. I think Cannondale/Canyon, etc. definitely represent a very practical approach and they have achieved a lot along those lines. TIME along with a few other companies have also tried to achieve something more and there is always tradeoffs in the process.

Can't go wrong with either though. I vote for the Time. Just steer clear of the fakes.
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