Merino Wool Goods?

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by dolophonic

milroy wrote:Anyone tried this?" onclick=";return false;

checked them out in Condor a while ago. Nice,very expensive.

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by dmohara

Another vote for Icebreaker. I recently used some of my gear on a non-cycling adventure to Tanzania and Mt. worked wonders not only in the hot and humid but also worked wonderfully on the mountain top. Big thumbs up for Icebreaker! (Plus the fit is awesome)

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by jmilliron

Yeah, I've found Icebreaker's non-cycling stuff to be very "cyclist body" friendly. Always a challenge for me to find cloths that fit well.
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by wojchiech

Endura also has nice merino baselayers. I have a long sleeve one that I like so much I'm contemplating getting another one (or two).

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by Routier

wojchiech wrote:Endura also has nice merino baselayers. I have a long sleeve one that I like so much I'm contemplating getting another one (or two).

Is it a Baa Baa? I find these to be pretty warm but they don't wick particularly well.

I find Helly Hansen base layers to be very good all round, although they lose shape a little over the years.

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by hmai18

Icebreaker is currently having a 30% sale...

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by limba

I haven't tried anything from icebreaker but I've seen people raving about them on the internet.

Also Rapha has a lot of new stuff coming out soon.

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by paddyrider

I have been riding since the early eighties when the best jerseys were pure merino. Over the years I have tried lots of products and I now have a few rapha items [which I love] - some merino, some sportwool [merino/polyester blend] as well as some of their newer pro jerseys.

My advice is pure merino is a great product - it has more stretch than sportwool. With sportwool you need to get just the right fit, it has less "give" than either pure merino or the newer synthetic products - otherwise the sportwool jerseys are just too tight or too loose and the pockets flop around and things fall out. Hopefully you will find a size just right as they make some really nice sportwool jerseys; and they do have great customer service for exchanges/returns.

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by howler

I have a few craft wool base layers which have been great (they are 50% wool 50% lycra blend). Alot cheaper than rapha and the like. Seem a bit warmer than my comparable synthetic base layers and dont smell as much at the end of a ride.

I have only worn 1 wool jersey but a few riding mates have some- they are ok but seem to sag a lot more than synthetic jerseys and, at least in my case, weren't as warm as a good fleece long sleeve. Maybe higher priced wool jerseys from rapha etc are better?

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by summiluxer

Well, I took the plunge and ordered two Rapha jerseys that were on clearance - two club ones. Will report on them :)

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by limba

The Club jerseys are very nice but very sheer. You'll be able to see your body or your base layer/bib straps.

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by spytech

I have the ibex Arrivee Bib short. got them really cheap less than $90 shipped. they are good, but i still like my sugoi better. they are not full merino, most of the construction is, but the seat and inner thigh part is poly and lycra/spandex. i can say the pad is good. i couldnt resist buying american product made in usa for under $90 shipped.

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by uraqt

Haven't used the other brands, I fell in love with 1st gen Swobo wool socks ( I think they are about 10 years old now and still going) gave their wool base layer a try and liked it so much bought 2 more when they were on sale... they are light weight and warm, good for 0 to 65 ish


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by leth

boysa wrote:It would seem the real winner is Merino itself. It's such a tremendous fabric, maybe the question should be, "Is there a company who you wouldn't recommend? Has anyone had bad experiences with any particular brand?

I bought a dhb merino undershirt from wiggle, and it's pretty scratchy compared to my other merino baselayer (smartwool). It was a lot cheaper though, but next time I think I'll spend a little more and get a nice one.

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by indigo

Bought some Icebreaker, should caution that size L is really an L and not a cycling L as with most brands.

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