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by Kevin3182

Hey guys.
not sure this is the right section, but oh well! Well into winter iʻm starting to get sick of my slipping arm warmers. iʻve searched pretty hard and asked some buddies and the main response, is a safety pin to make them smaller around the upper bicep area. i did this, and ended up with a safety pin in my arm. so much for safety, anyhow, probably user error. :oops: so any tips and tricks to keeping the warmers up?

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by cl9k24la

Most cases...I've noticed that too many cyclist buy their arm/knee/leg warmers too big...get the size that fits tight, almost compressing you.

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by roberto21

Maybe you could do some push-ups so your arms are a little bigger... Just messin.

I would try smaller arm warmers and see if that works.
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by maquisard

Thing is, to get them to stay put, they need to be very tight.

So when you are in the shop/store buying them. Get the next size down from the one that fits!

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by astranoc

I have this problem as well, the smaller size although it fits my arms it's too short for the length of it. The only ones I found to fit me really well are some specialized ones. You just need to try some more arm warmers and find the one that fits you, as everything bike related.

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by cambrook

I was very frustrated by my first pair of arm warmers, so i bought some Assos S7 and they're great. So good that I'm going to try their leg warmers ....

They were well priced too - $40 from Ribble

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by HillRPete

See you need a proper biceps for cycling after all :mrgreen:

(same problem with my arm warmers sometimes)

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by prendrefeu

If you are stuck with those arm warmers that are too large for you (sometimes because it's part of a team kit and the next order round won't be for a while), see if someone else on your team is willing to trade because they too got the wrong size...

Or, you can also try different sizes of rubber bands to keep the arm warmers up. Those silicon bracelets ("Livestrong" "Livewrong" "Dopstrong" "HTFU" "Save Haiti" and so on type stuff) can be used as well, but again it depends on the girth of your upper arms.
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by nathanong87

capo's stuff has really awesome grippers. i love capo arm/knee warmers

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by CerveloBert

This is an irritating thing that I go through during seasons.

I lift during the winter and spring months, so I have no problems with my arm warmers staying - The summer months when I tend to slim down and stop the lift is when I have the same problem that you have. I have used a safety pin - and "safety pin" is certainly a misnomer as you found out. What you experienced isn't user error necessarily - we just move around a lot when we are on the bike - a lot more than you realize.

Lifting consistently should stop it - but it's a lot of unnecessary work to keep some arm warmers in place - Ha.

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by Ciclicasati

I find Rapha armwarners are tighter than most ad def stay up. Very warm too.

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by paddydog

I use super glue to keep mine up there....

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by sugarkane

Ciclicasati wrote:I find Rapha armwarners are tighter than most ad def stay up. Very warm too.

Got a black and a white pair... The black ones got holed when I chucked the front on a greasy mornin.
They are pertty darn nice though..
Prolly get some of their new merino Warner's this winter

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by MattSoutherden

HTFU and ride without.

Alternatively, if you can't get any that stay up, you could try a lightweight long-sleeve base layer. It's not exactly what you're after, but it's an option.
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by SolidSnake03

nathanong87 wrote:capo's stuff has really awesome grippers. i love capo arm/knee warmers

x2 this. Have a pair of Capo knee warmers and arm warmers and both have been amazing. I'm kind skinny and yet the arm warmers seem to still cling to my skeletal frame. Also, they are really, really warm!
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