Unequal foot length

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by DeadSquirrel

I have problem that my left foot is about 5mm longer as my right foot. I'm using shoes that's size fits my left foot. When I pedal, it feels that my left foot is higher. I wonder if anybody has the same problem, and how do you deal with it, different cleat position or... ?

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by Juanmoretime

No one's body is perfectly symmetrical from side to side. Some individuals have to wear two different size shoes to be properly fit. Like leg length discrepancies of less than 5mm the body will usually compensate and more some may have to use a wedge in the
shoe of the shorter leg.

If you are not comfortable I would suggest working with a podiatrist that works with athletes and he might make some custom inserts for your shoes that may help.

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by LouisN

My feet have a 5mm difference too. It never even came to my understanding that it was a problem. Just nature.

I always bought stock shoes in any sport, and casual too.

For my Bont A-1's I chose the closest to my shorter foot, and knew I would have to work on the mold, especially on the longer foot. Now it's perfect.
If one of your feet is too high, it's a shoe fitting issue IMO. Different shoe size means different last, sole thickness, etc... I would go back to my sales rep and have that issue addressed. And +1 on what Juan wrote.

Louis :)

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by claus

I ordered "semi-custom" shoes. Several years back, when Bont was pretty new in the USA, the representative sent me several shoes to try, and I've decided to get different sizes for left and right as well as some other modifications, each of which was about $25 extra. After some initial problems (with mounting the cleats in the correct position) I'm very happy with these shoes.

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by phourgenres

When I went to a professional fitter, my legs had a half inch decrepancy. He gave me a couple exercises to warm up and try and even out my legs before I ride. One of the major ones was laying down on your back when your feet flat and knees bent and abducting and adducting your legs against some resistance. The other was one-legged pedaling with the shorter leg before the ride. Not to sure if they're working or not, but I have been doing them ever since.

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