Help me lose gr from my 6950gr S-Works Tarmac with best $2Gr

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by 63corvairsprint

Alright, my 2007 56cm S-Works Tarmac SL is currently sitting at 6958.4gr (15.34 lbs) and I would very much like to be in the 14.95lb range (6780gr). Based on this I need to find another 175+ grams to lose. This would be a very easy task if money was no object but my budget is very limited so I want to get an above average item, at an average price, with a decent weight savings as not to waste money just swapping lighter more expensive parts. My S-Works is All Dura Ave 7800 with the exception of the Specialized cranks. I want to stay away from changing the groupset or wheelset as I am very happy with the current config, but would like to be a hair lighter.

Area's that I am looking for suggestions or confirmations would be...
(Theses are listed as best possible $$ to Gram ration for weight savings compared to my current config)


Currently running DA BR7800 brakes at (EST) 338gr?
Options are.. (need suggestions and recommendations)

Mr Control (online auction site)
201gr--$125--save 137gr--$0.91 $$ per gr
Planet X
205gr--$180--save 133gr--$1.35 $$ per gr
170gr--$300--save 168gr--$1.79 $$ per gr


Currently running Bont Ti 75.4gr
Options are.. (need suggestions and recommendations)
Aest Ti (online auction site)
46gr--$24.99--save 29.4gr--$0.85 $$ per gr
Maximum Ti (online auction site)
42gr--$37.60--save 33.4gr--$1.13 $$ per gr
Token Ultralight
37gr--$79.00--save 38.9gr--$2.03 $$ per gr
45gr--$64.00--save 30.4gr--$2.11 $$ per gr


Currently running 31.8x95 S-Works Carbon Stem at 171gr
Looking to replace with..
Easton EC 90SL
118gr--$150--save 53gr--$2.83 $$ per gr


Currently running..
PD-R600 pedals at 304Gr
(need to stay with SPD-SL for other bikes/shoes)

Looking to replace with..
DA 7900 Carbon Pedals
248gr--$225--save 56gr--$4.02 $$ per gr


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by Weenie

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by mattiTWOROADS

Here's my two pennies' worth...

brakes | far/near (fairwheel bikes) $290 and mine came in under 217g WITH holders and pads

skewers | ... again... far/near (fairwheel bikes) $70 and 42g

pedals | I picked up new look blades on the bay for around $150 and came in at 229g.

stem | ritchey carbon wcs right around 120g and $100 on the internet (classifieds here or the bay)

I've been really happy with the far/near stuff. The brakes are great. Almost as light as my zero g's they replaced and without the hassle. The skewers seem fine... no complaints - which is what you want from a skewer...

good luck.
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by madmole

Planet X brakes are very good and on offer at moment, ($100) come with good swisstop green pads as well, their skewers are also 44g the pair and much cheaper than all you listed, work well and you'd save on shipping by getting them with the brakes

Peddles, your only going to be able to shave a little, shame your not on Keo's, titanium axle swap saves a ton as do blades

Stem, take your choice

How about carbon bars as well?

Replace all the bolts with Aluminium or titanium
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by eordman

I like my KCNC C7 brakes. Mine came in at 168 grams so you might be able to take the whole 175 grams off in one purchase. As far as pedals go you'd be spending quite a bit for not much weight savings if you stick with SPD-SL. If you're willing to switch I'd recommend some Keywin CRM Ti. Mine were $135 on ebay and weigh 198 grams.

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by BobSantini

Cheap pedals - Ritchey SPD Road, 210 g, ~$80 at Wiggle.

The Ritchey WCS alloy stem is lighter and cheaper than the carbon one. Not as stiff though if that matters.
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by bikerjulio

you dont say what tires & tubes you are using. tire should be 200g and tube can be 50g. most effective weight saving right there.
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roca rule
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by roca rule

bikerjulio wrote:you dont say what tires & tubes you are using. tire should be 200g and tube can be 50g. most effective weight saving right there.

other easy cheap items veloplugs if compatible. a carbon railed version of the current one will save you 50grams
kcnc skewer about 25grams
lunar light tube At 50grams come pretty light and would save you anywhere from 50-100grams per pair compared to most tubes. we still need to know what stem are you running, handlebars, tires, bottle cages etc.

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by 63corvairsprint

Here is a little more detail in order to help clarify some of the things that I have already swapped or upgraded.

I have replaced 98% of the hardware with Ti or Au bolts where I could. This includes all stem, cap, seat, cage, and derailleur bolts. The main rear hanger bolt and brake fasteners are still not Ti..
My wheel set is tubular Zipp 808's as I mainly do long touring rides.

My digital scale only goes to 10lbs so I broke the bike down into groups to weigh until I get the chance to break everything down to component level.

Here are the main breakouts...

Zipp 808 front and rear, with Bont Ti skewers, and DA 1227 cassette.

970.2gr--Zipp tubular front
1339.8gr-Zipp tubular Rear w cass.
75.4gr---Bont Skewers

Romin Pro carbon 143mm, cut Race XXX 27.2 post, and S-works seat clamp.

161gr--Romin Saddle
131gr--Race XXX post w/ Ti
19gr--clamp w/ Ti

Bont carbon cage
20gr--Carbon water cage Au bolts

Pd-R600 SPD-SL Pedals
The rest of the bike..

56cm S-works SL Frame
Carbon Forks, bearings, cables
Carbon Handlebars
DA 7800 Brifters
Spacers, Stem cap, & bolt (26.5gr)
BB & DA DBL chain rings
Carbon cranks and DA CN 7801 Chain
Garmin Sensors
DA BR-7800 brakes
Brake attaching hardware
DA 7800 Groupset
All lubes and grease
S-Works Carbon Stem w/ hardware(171gr)


I am going to have to look into the "other" pedal options as the main reason I wanted to stay with SPD-SL was for other Pedal compatibility for another bike. But I could always eventually move completely away from SPD-SL and go with another

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by 63corvairsprint

Thanks for the tips on the pricing for the Planet X brakes, I will be looking into those today.

Also, thanks for tips on the Kerwin's and Keo's. I am also researching Looks Blades....

Keep the idea's and suggestions coming...

Any major Pro's and Con on the Planet X brakes vs the DA 7800 brakeset?

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by madmole

Checked and it looks like the Planet sale has ended and they have gone up a bit, still far cheaper than any others though

The CNC X's work better than Sram Reds which I reckon are better than most and TOUR mags tests back me up on that, They have a nice feel at first for slowing and then come on very hard for abrupt stops. They are a pain to get set up though, took me an hour the first one, though I can do em in 10 mins now. They look good!
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by runningrunningjump

hi there. im in the middle of doing the same weight loss program on my 2012 cannondale super six.

Im just about to order the planet X CNC brakes, but am a little concerned about them being a headache all round; set up and power. could you please elaborate on the set up that took you 1hr? and that you have down to 10 min now? thanks

PS ive just bought the KCNC Ti skewers and am very happy with them! 42g on my scales!

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by 63corvairsprint

Thanks for all the suggestions..

Looks like I am going to go with trying out the Keywin Pedals. Being able to drop 106 gr from my current pedals for $135 is a deal since I was swapping the pedals over to anothjer bike anyway.

I am still debating on the KCNC C7 brakes over the Planet X (Mr Control). I can get the Planet X CNC for around $125 and they claim to weigh in at around 205gr but I can't find if that is with or withoud pads. So more like 225 with pads..

The KCNC cost around $300 and weigh in at around 170gr with pads...

Has anyone done a side by side comparision bewteen the KCNC C7's and the Planet X CNCs? Pro's and con's for either?

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by astranoc

My px brakes were 205 with blue pads.

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by 89daytona

Suprized there is no mention of KCNC, kcnc brakes is a must, whatever 42g QRS are cheapest is a must as well!

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by bagguy

Why are you using Zipp 808's for long touring rides? Those are more for triathlon racing, right? Even so, should be on 404's as you'd save 200 grams. You really seem to know what you are doing as I have a 58 S-Works SL2 weighing in at 17.2 lbs (with heavy Cosmic Carbone SL's, Dura-Ace 7800, Speedplay Lights, carbon bars), so am I wrong here?
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by Weenie

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