What saddles is everyone using?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

San Marco Mantra on main rig.

Fizik Arione on the second bike.

Happy with both.

Although the most comfortable ever for my behind was, is and will forever be a San Marco Rolls. Which unfortunately weighs about 12kgs... :(
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by Weenie

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by amnesia

Specialized Romin Evo Pro on my road bike. My commuter (MTB with slicks) has the Romin Comp that came off the road bike,

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by JamieL

Love my Selle Italia Thoork Team Edition on my road bike so i bought two more for my TT and MTB. Hated it on both so now I've gone with a Prologo Nago Evo TTR on my TT bike and a Prologo Nago Evo TTR on my MTB.

Certainly believe you need to try out a saddle for a long ride before you can make a decision.

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by oreoboreo

Romin Experts on all my road bikes and Specialized Phenom on my 29er
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by welcomdmat

I like how the Concor fans have stuck with it.

I have a Concor on all of my bikes and am currently sporting one of the rare-ish Bontrager Concors on my road bike. I have been afraid to try one of the new ones as they look a bit wide.

If I was forced to switch, I had some success on one of the new Turbomatics.

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by Guerdi

I am an arione guy. I have all the versions of the saddle at home (standard, cx, vs and K1), but I currently use a plain white arione on my winter bike. Very happy with those saddles, I have been using them since 2007 with absolutely no pain.

Before that I used to be a Selle italia fan, as I rode the turbomatic, flite and various versions of the slr.

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by Fanis

Selle SMP Pro on my road bike and ISM Typhoon on my MTB
Storck Scenario C 0.9
Cube AMS Pro 125

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by theremery

TSN 109g on my light bike currently. TSN 119g (marathon) on my Alpha-beater. SLR Ti on my Beta Beater. ISM adamo on my T.T.. Becker carbon MTB on the MTB. and I have a DASH M4 to put on the light bike, with a 45g M2Racer (unused) to go on the light bike as an alternative. I'll compare the Dash and M2 when I'm light enough (2 kg to go :) ) to legitimately ride the DASH.
TSN 109...great fit and comfy for up to 5 hours.
TSN 119...perhaps a little wide in the hip for me. Better for most people, I hear.
SLR 135 (142 really...as they all are). The benchmark for all-round duty. Only OK for me. TSN 109 is better once I am saddle-fit. SLR has a shade more padding for when you are starting out.
Becker carbon (MTB)...reasonable but too early to tell as I don't ride the MTB much. 64g variant is a pain to install (no rails).
ADAMO (ISM) Race...on the t.t., once you get used to these (not pleasant) they allow a nose-down position better than anything else I've tried but I want a DASH TRI-7 for the T.T.
The lightweight ones? (dash M4 and M2Racer)....yet to find out :)
Updated: Racing again! Thought this was unlikely! Eventually, I may even have a decent race!
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by OwenN

Is anyone using a cheap eBay saddle? Perhaps a Token, or Merek?

http://www.ebay.com/itm/95G-MEREK-f-pro ... 106wt_1202

There are a lot of options in the 90-120 gram range. As with any item like this, I question its overall quality, durability, etc. Thoughts?

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by Ciclicasati

Arione carbon cx black on the cervelo.
Arione all white with perforated stripe looks dope on caadx.
Will never look back.

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by Wingnut

The original Selle San Marco Regal is my favourite but so heavy & the saddle slips all the time so now I use an Fizik Arione carbon.
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by dereksmalls

a 2nd hand SLR Kit Carbonio but I'm going to get an all carbon saddle at some point for a try out.

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by Mikmik

Murphs wrote:Selle SMP with the leather and padding removed, one is a Composit, one is an Evolution which both have the same shell.

I lean my bike up against too many walls to splash for the carbon shell version

I have a Stratos at home that I was going to bin until I read this!!!! The padding's glue had let go from the shell and I have re glued it (as best I could without removing the leather as I am not confident I'll be able to put it back on). I am yet to try it out but have a strong feeling the padding will move again. If it does, it will get the same 'skinning' procedure as yours. Thanks for the idea ;)
It's not how much you spend on a bike it's how hard you can ride it.

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by forgivenick

I currently use a slr xp but have been considering the aliante since I like the flex of the slr, but my sit bones get a little tender on the longest rides. I measured 145mm wide sit bones in the shop and hear the aliante can be more comfortable for riders with wider sit bones. Anyone try both and have an opinion?

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in the industry
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by sugarkane

Berk slr style combo!!!! totally amazing saddle set up

by Weenie

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