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by gazrichards

With training camp season just around the corner I am looking for ways to store my data whilst away.
I currently use a garmin 705 as head unit for my quarq. In previous years I have taken my laptop away with me and downloaded straight onto wko from there.
I now have an iPad and it would be far less hassle to take that away than a laptop.
So, is there a way I can save my data onto the iPad and then transfer it to the laptop and wko when I get home from training camp?
I'm pretty sure that garmin do some sort of online thingy and of course there is training peaks websites but I may not have access to Internet too easily and don't want to pay for subscriptions etc just for a week or 2.
Anyone have the answer.

by Weenie

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by mvacolnago

There is currently no solution to have any garmin device work with an iPad. I had a 705 and now an 800. I have tried jail breaking, sd card readers and nothing worked. Search the net and you will find the same results.


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by Privateer

The 705 has masses of data storage. I only ever need to clear it every 6 months or so.

Just wait until you're back to download it.

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by gazrichards

Ok, stupid question
When I don't upload from garmin to laptop for a few days it seems to save the whole upload as 1 huge ride?
How do I stop this happening so that I get 1 ride on each day but 3 or 4 times?

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by astranoc

Keep the lap button pressed for a few seconds and it will create a new ride/file.

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by ras11

Per the prvious reply, assuming you turn your computer off, the new laps should be created for you automatically. Since they are not, this likely means that you have an old version of the Garmin software and have had a glitch in your software. You need to flash the latest version of the firmware (in the process, resetting the computer). Go to the Garmin webiste, it's easy. This error has been corrected in the firmware, so you shouldn't have to do this again.

That said, having your garmin data on WKO would be a handy thing. The problem is your iPad. What you need is a lightweight windows OS tablet, not iOS. Here is a good option for about the same price as an iPad. ... t-pc.shtml
:-) Toys-R-Us

by Weenie

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