Cervelo R5 VWD - 5700g

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by normcorriveau

Here's my R5 that I just got built up:


Here's the build list:

[list=]Frame Cervélo R5 VWD
Fork Cervélo
Head set Cane Creek
Handle bar Schmolke
Bar plugs Fizik
Crank Rotor 3D+
Brakes KCNC C7
Chain Rings Praxis
Chain ring bolts Rotor
Front derailleur SRAM Red Black
Rear derailleur SRAM Red Black
Seat post 3T Dorico Limited
Saddle Antares 00
Pedals Look Keo Blade Ti
Cassette KCNC
Shifters w/cables SRAM Red
Cable housing SRAM Red
Cable SRAM Red
Bar tape Fizik
Risers KCNC
Chain KCNC
Stem Extralite
Stem top cap Tune
Bottle cages New Ultimate
Wheels Zipp 202[/list]

Sorry, I can't slam the stem any longer (just not as young/flexible as I used to be). I hope to save a little more weight on the tires by going with a Record/Sprinter front/rear combo instead of the Carbons. I may also see about a seatpost change.


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by finner

Nice, the wheels complement the frame well, just the right depth.

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by karlch

realy like the bike i want the frame to replace my r3

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by jipperd

Can you tell us the size and weight of the frame?
Nice bike by the way :)

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by justkeepedaling

Wow, 12.5 lb and not even really trying. Impressive. Tons of places to save weight, but seriously, solid build you can ride everyday. So jealous

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by normcorriveau

Jipperd: Thanks for the note and FYI, it's a 56cm but sorry, we didn't weigh it at the LBS before he built it up.

Justkeepadiling: That is certainly the intent (every day ride). I like the Rotor cranks and Look pedals too much to compromise and save 2 or 300 grams. One other place I am planning to save some weight is on the cables. I'm still researching what works well with the KCNC brakes so if you have any suggestions for that or anything else, please let me know. The wheels are certainly another possibility but not without spending big bucks on something like Lightweights which are beyond my reach currently.


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by mjduct


My R5 frame should be arriving today!

I don't know if I'll be able to get it that light initially, but I'm hoping for ~14 pounds with the components I have right now (Campy mix, Easton EA 90 wheels, 3T cockpit)

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jipperd wrote:Can you tell us the size and weight of the frame?
Nice bike by the way :)

I put One 56r5 VWD garnin on Scale.

756 grams naked
Fork uncut 292 Grams

My r5 56 2011
824 Grams Frame
Fork 332 Grams uncut

To The Bike above.

You cam Ride it but i think you sohlst Choose something Custom

It dont Look good

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by thegreatlakes

What a fantastic build. The paint details on that bike are amazing. Cervelo always makes their artwork simple yet very pleasing to the eye ( for some ). I love the wheels on that frame as well. They definitely complement.

Congratulations on a beautiful bike.


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by 2002

That argyle stripe is beautiful.

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by micropox

hi normcorriveau,

How's the performance of the Praxis rings?


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by sawyer

Nice bike. Shallow wheels set it off
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by normcorriveau

Thanks everyone for the replies. It's snowing here today and I just can't wait to get this baby outside! I'm not one who rides until the snow is mostly gone so it's going to be 8-10 weeks. :x

Micropox, I can't really say much about the rings yet. Riding indoors on the rollers is not much of a test.

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by tjk

Not exactly pure Weightweenie.... but still crazy enought to hunt every possible gram (used to be, but still like reasonably light bikes :-))


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by Powerful Pete

I love it. :thumbup:

Oh, and nice weight too... :wink:
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