Warning against KEO blade

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by chaulk61

After one season, my blade carbon Ti pedals are still perfection, and I only paid $280 for them.

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by Rick

Before composing your own letter, you should have had one generated by the "Scott Pakin Automatic Complaint Letter Generator. (you can google it).
It uses much more outlandish language to construct an almost coherent complaint letter.
Here is an example:

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I plan to promote peace, prosperity, and quality of life, both here and abroad. Are you with me—or against me? Whatever you decide, Look pedals's eccentricity is surpassed only by its vanity and its vanity is surpassed only by its empty theorizing. (Remember its theory that all literature that opposes exhibitionism was forged by brain-damaged, ignorant brutes?)

As for the lies and exaggerations, Look pedals's clear-cut demonstrations of gross moral turpitude have led me to believe that even maverick Internet news and opinion sites are beginning to proclaim that Look pedals is known for publishing what is easily identifiable as opinion under the guise of fact. It vehemently denies that, of course. But it obviously would because if I had my druthers, it would never have had the opportunity to rot out the foundations of our religious, moral, and political values. As it stands, Look pedals may be reasonably cunning with words. However, it is utterly exploitative with everything else. Look pedals indeed believes that it can succeed without trying. Unfortunately for it, that's all in its imagination. Look pedals needs to get out of that fictional world and get back to reality, where people can see that it is immature and stupid of it to threaten national security. It would be mature and intelligent, however, to establish clear, justifiable definitions of revanchism and neopaganism so that one can defend a decision to take action when its chargés d'affaires turn me, a typically mild-mannered person, into a vicious, cheeky vat of racialism, and that's why I say that many organizations lie. However, Look pedals lies with such ease it's troubling.

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Look pedals seems to have recently added the word "pathologicohistological" to its otherwise simplistic vocabulary. I suppose it intends to use big words like that to obscure the fact that I am not interested in debating it. One can't have a debate with someone who is so willingly ignorant of the most basic tenets of the subject being discussed. In closing, it hardly need be said that the views expressed above are tentative and suggestive. You should now go off and perform a thorough study of your own. Of course, this will be an exercise in futility unless you accept the fundamental premise of this letter, namely that Look pedals's superstitious, maledicent musings impact heavily on our security and survival.

by Weenie

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by asv

2002SaecoReplica wrote:^I bet saving those ten dollars purchasing online doesn't feel so good now does it?

I saved $100 so it was well worth it, and its still under warranty. Its just that Look's customer service sucks.

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by euan

You don't deal with Look directly so how can you say its Look's customer service. You deal with the shop you buy them from or the regional service centre/importer. They are the ones who are causing the issues, not Look all the way over in France.
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by sawyer

On first glance the OP's name can read as "tit2"

In no way am I implying this is in any way apposite.
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by giant man

I can understand your frustration easily, the failures on the Keo blade are just some of the reasons I won't go to any Keos.

I still ride Look delta pedals and cleats and have none of these problems, I'm not disappointed.

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by jmartpr

I'm on my third set of Keo Blade Ti's and I'm happy so far except for one little thing....the quality of the hardware used.
You would expect that a $400 at suggested price pedal would include some nice SS or Ti bolts, springs, etc.....but not the blade.
Mine you can see the rust all over the hardware and I take care of them.

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by gitsome

This has to be one of the funniest threads on WW just for the replies, thanks folks!

That being said, my Carbon-Ti blades cracked at the back after less than a year, LOok warrantieds them no probs, I love the pedal while it works (best yet) but must admit I am scared they will crack again. I hope they will be as cool the second time around if it happens.
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by jcconnox

Rick wrote:Before composing your own letter, you should have had one generated by the "Scott Pakin Automatic Complaint Letter Generator. (you can google it).
It uses much more outlandish language to construct an almost coherent complaint letter.
Here is an example:

I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

That's awesome.

Thank you sir.

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by shadwell

@ tlt2..

I have some nearly new (3months old) Keo Ti Blades if you wanna get another pair...

Too soon.....?????????Worth a shot eh?????

And please don't exclude this chap... he saved ma from working for 8 mins and made me laugh... :beerchug:

Re LOOK, and this is absolutley not a pisstake... when you take the time to communicate in a constructive manner in technical, relevent and supported terms (i.e. images etc) the staff (Lead project Engineering, manufacturing Engineering, customer service management) I have found them to be reasonable, supportive and very informative regarding their processes and possible / probabale causes of issues and even providing detail on internal process changes to prevent re-occurence.
Additionally they have sought to resolve the issue in (when considering global org structures and my location) what has been a fair leadtime.. Did i want it sooner.. of course... but "Fair" had to be kept in mind.
As a result whilst I have experienced issues with both pedals and frames, I remain a LOOK customer, and now have a very good relationship with key staff which helps me resolve any issues going forward.

In regards to your particular needs I think the Shimano pedals were a good choice.... only downside if you ever get bored of them you will not have the "worn out" reason to get rid of them... they're the Toyota Hilux of the pedal world....

Anyhow tks for the grin...

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by Clubagreenie

I have Look ti blades . Pulled them from the box , removed the axle from the housing . Removed the grease that resembles ear wax and replaced with Lithium grease and have not had 1 iota of problems . No squeaks sequels knocks bangs just smooth perfect operation
My mate who services bikes here in Perth said that is the first thing you do when you buy anything with bearings because the grease they use is made by the lowest bidder :wink:

I have had Time I CLick and wouldn't even rate them compared to LOOK TI Blades .

I feel that a milder attempt to contact LOOK may have worked better for you , now you haven't burnt the bridge to diplomacy you have dynamited it
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by Powerful Pete

I am locking this topic. Thanks.
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