Servicing Time RXS pedals?

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by Grimpeur

I have a pair of RXS Ulteam Ti's in need of service. I've only used them for one season, but the left bearing is very rough already and the right bearing has quite a bit of lateral play.
I've tried to service them using ww Stella-Azurra's guide (, but couldn't get the body to unscrew. In fear of breaking them (I already made a few small scratches in the process), I had the shop I bought them from sent them to Time.

However they now say Time won't handle them as I've tried to open them myself.. :roll:
Imo they're nitpicking, as there really are only a few scratches on the body's side of the metal ring, but fair enough.
I even said I don't mind paying for the bearing replacement (even though these pedals only have about 5000km on them).

Any ideas on how I can get my pedals working again? A pair of pedals this expensive cannot be considered disposable, right?
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by fdegrove


I can ascertain you there's nothing wrong the bearings of those pedals. Surprise? :P

What they need is a good service, e.g. a flushing out of the grit and grime that has been picked up an a regreasing service.

Your pedals are probably fixed to their respective spindles with red Loctite (Henkel L223 or whatever), the kind of more permanent fixture?

Anyhow, PM me if you want me to bring them back into shape. 8)

Ciao, ;)
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