Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Series - 11sp

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by excremanwu

10sp cassette could be used on the new hub?
Shimano would compensate the change by OCR rim?
Would others tackle the tension difference by isopulse or 2:1 lacing?
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by petal666

Does anyone sell OCR rims? Velocity does from memory but anyone else?

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by durkonion

Direct mount brakes? Some sort of aero brake or something?

Edit: Still Hollowtech II as well. I read some rumors mentioning that they were offering a new BB standard, but I guess that was false.
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Phill P
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by Phill P

Well this didn't remain confidential did it.
Hmm wonder how quickly sram can match.....maybe this is what their release was meant to be last week???

Release middle of next year? Wonder if they'll keep the same spline so you can use 10-8spd and just use spacers.

Narrower chain & more dish.......sigh.

But anyway 11-25 with a compact might suit me for the hills. Yes can get that now but 11spd keeps ratios closer.
Now for Hydraulic shifting to match (piece of cake to change the indexing for different spacing)

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by Arky

What a disaster. How far are we going to let this go? In 2022 are we going to have wheels caved in on one side? If we are honest with ourselves, road bikes will have discs on the other side in the future. What will this leave us with, 40mm flange spacing? This is an arrogant solution. They will be walking away with their tails between their legs on this one.

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by Colin

I'd assume that when they go disc they'll use it as an excuse to switch to a wider rear hub. Disc's will already require a new frame, mine as well make it wider!

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by yourdaguy

SRAM will be very smart to not match this. It is a lousy idea. A 12-27 10 speed has all the cogs I need. Need more proof. The only rear cass that actually adds much is the 11-28. Who really needs an 11-23 with 11 cogs????? 11-23 is for 9 speed racers. Wait to see what this will cost. I am betting $500 for the rear cass alone.
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by veganeric

Closer ratios are nice. But I'm not so sure I'd call it progress when it results in a weaker wheel and chain. Sounds more like marketing to me.

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by Arky

As a mechanical engineer, I see new products developed all the time. As CS Lewis said, we do not just need change but change for the better. As in politics, not all product changes are for the better.

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by hansonator69

*Sigh* Disc brakes... :roll:

Makes sense on a MTB... roadie however... :noidea:
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by VNTech

From what we're seeing, as discs infiltrate the road and CX, so will 135 rear spacing. But we're not anywhere near there yet.

The "CONFIDENTIAL" watermark is in the correct font for Shimano.
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by prendrefeu

If indeed Shimano is going 11-spd, they're essentially trying to kill off Campagnolo.
Greater availability on OEM Market? Covered/Done.
MTB market? Covered/Done.
CX Market? Covered/Done.
Electronic? Covered/Done.
Disc brakes? Covered/Done.
11-speed? Soon.

Aside from "made in the EU" and association of the brand with history/tradition, what is the advantage of Campagnolo anymore?
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Phill P
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by Phill P

who gave the demand to remove the screen grab with "11spd" written all over it?

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by Sam

Where did you guys get the (confidential?) info from?

It seems to be published somewhere as you are discussing different aspects of a future release.

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by euan

the original post has been edited.
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