Best road shoe for wide feet?

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by Frankie - B

@slayer33 To add a little bit of information and maybe soften the tone of some posts a bit I think I need to add a little information. The Weight Weenie community is a special group of individuals. We tend to shop online much, but we try to refrain from trying a product in a shop and then buy it online. We do that, because the shop needs to pay for its bills and once we use their time, we feel we better pay for it.

To come back to your original question. I think you already found your shoes. The shoes made by Fizik can be put on the wide list as well. The R1's are my number one shoes right now, I like them better then the Shimano R300's I own as well.
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by Weenie

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by roadman

vittoriashoes wrote:I might suggest one other manufacturer: Vittoria.

So for someone looking for a wide, I would suggest to consider us. We offer wide and super wide models all the way to a "EEE" width and again, can go beyond that with a high volume model for those with...larger feet.

Yes, I am more than happy to answer your questions. Let me know if you have any.


Who is your UK distributor, I can only find normal width online in the UK... :)


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by djconnel

Bont Wide are very wide.

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by lewdvig

maxima wrote:He widest shoe u can find is Bont wide size. Most bike shop do not stock the wide side Bont as the standard Bont is already wider than the mass of shoes out there. Take a vernier caliper with u and measure he carbon sole and u understands what I meant! Shoes like specialized use a wider upper and higher volume toe box, their carbon sole of the same length is infact much more narrow by sidi by 2.5mm at its widest. Numbers don't lie, perception does lead u to the wrong deal. He issue with Bont is u need to get us to the lack of Cushion and will need a few weeks of riding after moulding to get use to it - that's my case. Once u fitted yr Bont to yr foot, it's hard to find a wider shoe to fit WIDE FOOT cyclist. I'm not a spinner, so my style is less cadenance and any narrow carbon sole will inflict pain on my foot after the 70-80km on the road.....

Thank you! I am just going to bite the bullet and get some Bonts.
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by SDP

lake wide fitting...

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by MarkGiardini

Specialized or Bont. I've got wide feet and both shoes are awesome
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