I have a baum and i will use it

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by dcj9

true. its about emotion and to be fair they are lovely frames.

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by Roobay

i like people... i just can't stand assholes

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by elviento

Besides, their execution is just top notch. Super high level of photography as well (to an untrained eye like me). That sort of thing costs a lot to produce as well.

If they can get the order in, then that means they are doing some things right and good for them.
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by BMurphy

This is my new ride!

Unfortunately, I'm working overseas so I only have the pics atm. Checkout the rest of the pics on Flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/baumcycles/6348743831" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Nick and the guys at Baum have built it exactly as planned, colour, specs etc. The whole process of getting this bike has been a great, exciting journey (much more fun and exciting than buying off the shelf). I could not be happier.

The last step now is to pick it up and have the first ride :D
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by trustbran

^ ^
That BAUM is Hott!!!


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by Ozrider

@TP - love the new wheels. Still not sure of the new paint scheme.
It is an awesome paint scheme, but I really liked your previous paintjob.

@BMurphy - love the Colours, looks fantastic
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by itsacarr

Murphy - your bike is the one that caught my eye and made me think I wanted a Baum :) Lovely work.

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by ronderman

Murphy - The bike is totally cool. Would enjoy hearing how it rides - it must be killing you to not have it.

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by BMurphy

Thanks for your comments. Darren, Nick and Jared are the stars and deserve the full credit. It's at the Baum Office now getting drooled over by all visitors, hope they wash it before I get there...

@ronderman - It's really killing me, but the anticipation is going to make it even more sweet to ride. I'll do a ride report after my first few rides

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by jooo

andyindo wrote:A peg, speedvagen, firefly or crisp are much cheaper and as well finished.


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by me

Here is a small write up and some nice pics

http://www.cyclingtipsblog.com/2011/11/ ... -corretto/

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by musket

jooo wrote:
andyindo wrote:A peg, speedvagen, firefly or crisp are much cheaper and as well finished.


I've not seen a ti Peg, but the steel ones I've seen have been absolutely flawless, with touches that surpass the Baums I've seen. The Speedvagen's seem a little overhyped - hot, for sure, but it's a lot to pay for a 'nearly' vanilla. I lived just down the road from Crisp in Italy for a while, saw one or two. Very, very nice, but even he gets a few finished by Peg - I rest my case!
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by RichTheRoadie

The finish on my Baum is much nicer than my Peg. I rest my case... ;)

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by exotec

my baum cubano

first edition

2012 black edition

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