Bars and stems.

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by limba

There's a big sale happening locally so I might upgrade my aluminum Ritchey bars and Titec stem. They came with the bike and I've never kept up to date with the newer options. 200g bars safe for cross? I'm 150-155 pounds. Basically every worthwhile brand is on sale so give me some of the most popular choices and I'll check those out.

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

You will be fine with the WCS bars. I think the biggest thing is which bend works for you, what are you currently using?

by Weenie

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by limba

I have Ritchey Comps which I'm not crazy about. Maybe I'd prefer a more classic bend.
How about the Easton EC90 SLX3? Are people using that for cross?

They have 3T, Bontrager, Deda, Easton, FSA, Kuota, MOST, PRO, Ritchey, Specialized, Time and Zipp all on sale.

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by Briscoelab

Do yourself a favor and stick with an Aluminum bar for CX, especially at your weight. Less worries when you crash and they will most likely be stiffer than the carbon version.

For instance, I've got a 3T rotundo pro (aluminum) on one bike and the Team (carbon) on my other one. I actually prefer riding the bike with the pro bar because it is much stiffer.

I always found the Ritchey aluminum (WCS) bars and stems to be a tad flexy. But, I've had good luck with the Deda Newton (shallow round), control tech (shallow round), and the 3T Rotundo.

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by limba

Any of these look good or really bad?

Easton EC90 SLX3 Equipe 42cm $149.99
Easton EC90 100mm 10° Black $159.00

3T Rotundo Team 42cm $199.99
No 3T stems in my size.

FSA K-Force Compact Carbon 42cm $199.99
FSA K-Wing Compact 42cm Black $219.99
No FSA stems in my size.

Zipp SL 42cm $349.99
No Zipp stems on sale.

Deda Newton 31.7 Shallow Round 42cm $109.99
Deda Zero 100 100mm Black stem $69.00

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by rockdude

No carbon... I broke two in the last year. You can get Al bars at about the same weight and they will last longer.... Other than that, pick a bend you like....
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by Weenie

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by hanzypanzy

Just found these and comfy for road/cx:

They have sale at mo, £60 for full carbon bars with interal routing.

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